Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Just Ask for Jack

We all have talents and gifts. They make us unique people. These talents and gifts have the power to change the world in ways they can only do. People, including ourselves, recognize our talents.

Our talents have to be used.

Even with talent, people are inclined to do, or like to do certain things. A lot of happy and supposedly successful individuals like what they are doing. A few have the talent to do what they love doing. Some "successful" people just get lucky in terms of where they end up; but fate I think is a better term for it; and most of them love what they do.

Again, even with talent, people are inclined to do certain things. Quite a few people may have been given all the means to accomplish something with their talents, but still they forego the opportunity and choose to do something else. Some end up with nothing in the end, while some who work hard go far, even without talent.

This is what's bothering me. How can they not match at times? Why can't we end up liking what we are gifted with all the time? In this way we can get farther right? I don't know. Why do we feel so heavy when as members of a particular society that showcases our talents, we are asked to do something, when we do not even like it? It really hurts when people shove your talents up your face when you don't even like what you're doing..

Or are we not just searching enough? Who knows? Maybe there is one thing we love that we are talented in. We just have to find it, and not wait for it to come to us. I don't know. What's happening??

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Banal na Aso

Earlier today, my brother's car was bumped by this old man. The man was driving with his wife.

The funny thing about this man, was that he was threatening my brother. At first he was nice, offering to pay for the damages done. But when my brother instead wanted to take the matter to the authorities, the old man said, "'Pag dinala mo sa pulis 'yan, babaligtarin ko statement ko, sasabihin ko ikaw bumangga sa akin." The man was now gonna lie to the police by saying that it was my brother who was responsible.

My dad came to settle matters. The guy kept insisting that he would pay for the damages, and he gave the same threat.
So my dad talked him into this insurance thing, which the guy agreed to do, so things were settled.

Here's the nice part. The man said afterwards: "Ako I'm a man of my word, so babayaran ko talaga 'yan," or something like that. Wow.

You can't teach old dogs new tricks.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Prove pare! Prove!

You're not a snowman unless you're made of snow.
You're not a fruit unless you have seeds.
You're not a ball unless you're round.

You're not an athlete until you have a sport.
You're not a lawyer until you've done a case.
You're not a politician until you win for a position.

You're not God unless you've done what He's done, and is doing what He's doing.

You're not smart unless you have the grades.
You're not rich unless you have the money.
You're not poor unless you're suffering.
You're not tough unless you've been in a fistfight.
You're not good unless you've done something good, or avoided something bad.

You haven't helped unless you've given something.

The point here is this: you're never something unless you can prove it. Something has to point to what you are. Even a fact has to be proven true.

That's just the way it is. Yes, it would have been easier if we didn't have to prove anything, if we didn't have to show anyone something that will make them nod in approval, if we didn't have to try. But when that long-awaited moment comes, what will we all be? Empty, with nothing to work for. We won't even have to do our best, but we'll be empty.

Thank God that we have to prove, for we work harder for what we want to achieve, end up helping more people along the way, and achieve something greater than what we really deserve.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Have you ever?

Have you ever felt like you were in heaven, like your head was so light and pain was absent?

It's not drugs, dude. It's way better. It's someone making your day. Someone can just send you a dozen roses by surprise. Someone you've been enemies with accepts your friendship. Your day can also be made in the event that the person you've been courting answers you with that delightful and assuring "Yes." It can also be a simple "Hi" that can make your day.

You feel so happy that you just wanna tell other people about it; but sometimes, you just can't, especially if the person you wanna tell it to is the cause. I'm not saying this always happens, but it does.

I don't know why I suddenly wrote this. Maybe somebody just made my day. Oh well.

Here's Isa's take on it:
"okay, so getting that shallow happy feeling isn't only limited to crushes. i just got that feeling and it wasn't by anyone i liked, in fact, i don't like anyone. haha. but yes, someone made my day. haha. yey!"

Read Isa's blog by the way. It's the best and most natural blog I've seen, unlike this one. Go! Don't waste time.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Who's Weird?

You know him. The childish little weirdo in class. The one who never talks to you. The one who has his own world he does not want to share with you. The one who's not good in sports, nor in socializing. He's the totally uncool person you wouldn't want to be seen with. He dresses weirdly, speaks weirdly, walks weirdly... you do the imagining, You know him, but you just don't want to be near him.

He's never smoked. He never goes to parties. He can't throw a punch right. He doesn't look pleasant. He makes you giggle when you notice him. He suffers from poor health.

How do you treat him?

You greet him daily with that pleasant smile of yours. You talk to him like he was family. You try to make him tell stories about his life, his past girlfriends, possibly, and his family. You compliment him for being cool. You offer your help whenever he's down.

But when he's not around, you make him the laughing stock of every discussion. You point out his mistakes based on his stories. You give him nicknames that are supposedly appropriate for his personality. You promise everyone that never will you be like him. You tease anyone who comes near him by saying, "Uuy, he found a bestfriend.." You do many other things I may not be able to imagine.

How does he treat you? He treats you well. You just haven't noticed it.

He treats you well, but do not assume that he doesn't know what you've been doing. He knows, and he is bothered by the fact. It forces him to stay alone. It keeps him from being the person he is, because he does not want to be treated badly. It makes him "weirder," by your standard, which causes you to make fun of him even more.

How can you possibly do such a thing? I know for a fact that many times you have "admitted" being weird, especially to the opposite sex. Nobody rejects you for being the weird person you claim to be.Yes, some people may hate you, but they never do what you do to that person you see differently.

All people are different. You have to accept that fact. And because all people are different, you don't have to make a big deal out of your petty little weird friend. Someone might actually be finding you a little too different too, but that's not an excuse for you to keep doing what you're doing.

All people are different, but no one person is more different. That's what you have to learn.

Iniibig Kita

It's a little too late for valentine's, but what the hell. Nothing compares to the lyrics of this song, and best of all, it's straightforward, unlike those other love songs that keep you imagining to the point that you forget what love is all about. It's by Ryan Cayabyab by the way.

Iniibig Kita

Kulang ang araw at gabi 'pag kita'y kapiling.
Kahit ang bukas ay 'di rin sapat upang mamasdan lamang kita.
Labis kitang minamahal, pag-ibig ko'y walang kapantay.
Kung kaya ko lang abutin ang mga bituin t'yak ito'y gagawin.

Malaman mo lang wala nang ibang mas hihigit pa sa pag-ibig ko sa'yo.
Walang ibang nagmamahal nang tulad ko sana'y paniwalaan mo.
Iniibig kita.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Isipin mo ba namang...

Huwag mag-alala kung hindi mo nakukuha ang mga bagay na ninanais mo...

Ang kwento ng tatlong puno ay hanapin mo sa Google ("Three Trees"). (Hanapin mo talaga ah, at basahin mo. Hindi ko na nilagay dito para 'di ako mapahamak muli.) Hindi lahat ng bagay ay makukuha mo, pero may makukuha ka na higit pa, pero siyempre sa mata ng Diyos 'yun, pero pagtiwalaan mo Siya, hindi ka naman Diyos eh.

Isang halimbawa: ang kapatid ko, na 'di marunong magbasa ng nota, subalit may galing sa pag-awit ay natanggap sa Ateneo Glee Club na nanalo sa Grand Prix sa Europa. Hindi naman niya inasahan iyon, basta unti-unti na lang daw bumigay at umalis ung mas magagaling sa kanya; hindi na nakayanan. Eh siya, kaya niya, kahit inaamin niyang may mga mas magagaling. Talaga sigurong para sa kanya iyon, tawagin pa nating suwerte.

Isipin mo ba namang tumakbo para sa pagkapangulo si FPJ? Hindi naman inaasahan iyon eh, pero nangyari, at sa aking haka-haka, nais tayo gisingin ng Diyos... Sa paanong paraan, marami, at siguradong nasa utak mo iyong mga bagay na iyon.

Isipin mo ba namang kahit anong hadlang at hirap na mapagdaanan mo ay nalalagpasan mo, tapos magugulat ka pa, sapagkat hindi mo iyon inasahan. Kay sarap ng pakiramdam, ngunit sa bawat pagkakataon, isipin na may mensahe sa iyo at sa mga tao sa paligid mo ang pangyayari. Maaari rin itong maging masama, kaya mag-ingat.

Basta ganito...

May mga bagay na mabibigo kang makamit, subalit huwag mag-suicide, sapagkat may makakamit kang mas mabuti, pero pag-isipang mabuti ang bawat pangyayari. Malay mo, lalo kang suwetehin kapag tama ang iyong sunod na galaw...