Saturday, December 29, 2007

Astig na Pasko Para Sa'yo, at Mag-isip Ka Sana

Hi guys! I'm back. I remembered posting that I was going to share my retreat experience, but then I decided that I'd keep it to myself, and ponder on other things with you guys.

It has often been said that to achieve, a person must first be able to believe.

I agree. Recently, I was watching a DVD of The Secret (which was initially a book), which featured a handful of experts from different fields discussing what they would repeatedly call the Law of Attraction. This law supposedly governs the universe, and tells us that we attract, in one way or another, whatever we tell our minds to think. Somebody there even said "Thoughts become things."

There were lots of scientific and philosophical explanations given to explain the Law of Attraction, and to convince us to think positively for our very own futures. However, while watching that very interesting video, I came to the realization that hey, why do I seem to be learning nothing great? It seemed as though I had heard this one big "secret" they'd been talking about before. It seemed that I myself knew The Secret all along, and I'm pretty sure you do to. All the hype about the supposed "secret" may be amazing us, but I think that the good secret towards our lives has long been revealed to us before, through our experiences, and we just have to reflect on them.

From our experiences, whenever we want to achieve something, we tend to think about them a lot. Sometimes, we think about them positively, with thoughts like "I'm going to be a great basketball player! I can work hard enough!" More often than not, though, people tend to react to thoughts of achieving anything negatively. "I'll never be the boss; I'm just an ordinary Filipino." However, those who end up doing great things in life are those who believed that they could be great in the first place. Why? I think it is because they were thinking good thoughts, thoughts that led them to real action. Thoughts dictate our actions, and our actions have the powerful ability to change our lives. I am pretty sure that you have, for at least once in your life, thought of the same thing. Thoughts dictate our actions, and thus our futures. It does not take high-falluting illustrations of signals sent to the universe to really understand that our thoughts are powerful. We really don't need to be amazed by hearing that the universe tends to agree with our thoughts. We just have to observe how the simplest things in our lives happen.

We may want to be rock stars, movie stars, or great heroes someday. We may even want to save the whole world from cavities. While it is really good to listen to advice that we have to keep believing and centering our thoughts to these goals, nothing really can replace hard work. It is good to let our thoughts dwell on whatever we want to achieve, but if we really want them so much, our own instincts will tell us that we still have to work. Nothing of worth still comes easy, and I don't think the situation will change in the near future. Think for yourself!

Wait, what am I really trying to prove? All my thoughts seem to be messed up, but I just want you to know that a lot of times, we just have to think based on our past experiences to find answers to the problems we face. There is really much to learn from our very own stories. Most of the time, the answer is just waiting to be found inside us, and things are a lot simpler than they seem.