Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thanks a lot!

Hey guys! I'm really sorry for not updating my blog... I haven't done so since before entering the show. Since I got out I've been especially busy with school and a few guestings, so I haven't had the time to think and write. I'll try to update soon though.

Thanks a lot for the comments! It's really nice to know that people actually read this blog. I really hope I'm writing a lot of substantial stuff, because this blog is one way for me to try to contribute to society, even if only a few people can read it. Please do keep commenting!

I read the comments and I feel so blessed that there are a number of people who find my stay in the house to be fruitful. I really hope that a lot of people learned a lot from my stay, from both the good and the bad things. Thank you!

I'm busier than ever, and coincidentally, ABS Interactive gave me KTEXT, Ktext has been kind of my blog for the past few weeks, since I can text almost anywhere and anytime. You can subscribe if you want, just text MIKEE ON to 2366. You'll receive messages on a daily basis; that's a lot more frequent than how I update my blog. I hope you can try it!

Once again, thanks!