Friday, December 01, 2006

Fame? I wanna live forever?

Do you remember Lindsay Lohan's song Rumors? Do you remember its lyrics? Do you remember any similar song, probably done by another famous musician or TV personality, talking about how they hate fame, how they hate being followed by people, being talked about, and being fantasized about? If you do, and you believe them, you've been fooled. If those songs are not bull crap, they are fruits of marketing. It's a new concept, hearing famous people not wanting to be famous, wanting to be normal. I tell you, if they were true, they would not be vocal about them, or they'd leave showbusiness in a jiffy, given that they have earned enough from the industry to provide for themselves.

Everything comes with a price, even if it is something as desirable as fame.

Who would not want to be the topic of newspaper articles, the talk of the town, the fantasy of men/women? Who would not want to grace magazine covers, meet famous people, or be influential because of fame? A lot of people probably, but for those who want these things, just how much are you willing to pay?

Are you willing to live an almost-public life, where your family and friends are affected? Are you willing to live a life that's moderated by the what's IN and what's not? Are you willing to live a life where people keep reminding you to watch how you talk, or walk, because people may get the wrong message? Oh, and I'm telling you, people can be so judgmental. Every isolated scenario involving you can be used against you and made a generalization of your personality. Take the way you walk for example, try walking with your chin up and there'll surely be someone who'll tell his friend that you've turned mayabang, or too proud to handle. Try voicing out your strong opinion, and be ready to face the consequences. But then again, we can never really please anybody.

I hope that when one is willing, he is doing it for the right reasons, or he has found a greater purpose for what he is doing. It's not just fame that requires so much emotional toil, but anything that one aspires for. Ideally, one should only strive for fame only to use it for worthwhile things. Dreaming to be famous, and only famous, is empty.

But then again, who is to judge whether what you are doing is worthwhile or not? Just listen to your heart, and remember that everything comes with a price. My teacher in 1st year high school, Mr. Onofre Pagsanghan, once taught us 3 steps to achieving a dream. Let me share them with you:
1. Know your dream.
2. Determine the price.
3.If you are brave and willing enough, pay that price.

One last thing.

Never be a people-pleaser. It will only hurt you. God bless.