Monday, February 12, 2007


According to the American Century Dictionary, a hero is a "person noted or admired for
nobility, courage, and outstanding achievements." Although for most of us Filipinos, "hero" may pertain to people like Andres Bonifacio who contributed to the freedom of out nation, there are also other kinds of heroes, serving as inspirations, and models to different people.

Media has often depicted in news reports and documentaries the Overseas Filipino Workers
as the "Bagong Bayani", admired for his hard work outside the country to provide for his
family. The OFW sacrifices life with the family in the Philippines for such a cause. From an
economist's point of view, OFWs bring in a big bulk of the country's money through taxes.

Manny Pacquiao is often idolized and called hero because of the pride and honor he brings to
the country. With all the unneeded publicity Pacquiao is getting, critics may disagree with calling
them heroes; but the fact remains that he inspires and gives joy to many Filipinos, whether he boxes in the ring, or sings his own songs with an Extreme Magic Sing. It is still the dedication to boxing that brought sports glory to our country, and these are what the people ultimately admire him for.

While media can give us the impression that being a hero needs publicity and a wide range
of "fans," the idea of having our very own personal heroes contradicts this view. As an example, my mother sees my grandmother as her hero. According to her, even though she was a simple public school teacher, she was able to raise her children well."Lahat ng ginagamit ko sa buhay ko ngayon na ugali at pagitingin sa buhay, sa kanya ko natutunan." My grandmother was a hero to her very own child, with the love and care that she has
given them.

Different people have different heroes, heroes who have touched and inspired them in a certain way, either by doing well in his career, or giving out of love. Though heroes are called such for different reasons, a person cannot strive to be a hero for heroism's sake. Andres Bonifacio fought not to be called a hero, but to free his country. Manny Pacquiao probably did not dream of becoming an "Aydol;" he boxed to represent and bring pride to the country the best way he could. My grandmother clearly did not become a great parent just because she wanted her daughter to tell her grandson decades after that she was her hero. It takes more than those things. At the least, it takes immense perseverance, generosity, and most certainly love to become a true hero.