Friday, December 01, 2006

Fame? I wanna live forever?

Do you remember Lindsay Lohan's song Rumors? Do you remember its lyrics? Do you remember any similar song, probably done by another famous musician or TV personality, talking about how they hate fame, how they hate being followed by people, being talked about, and being fantasized about? If you do, and you believe them, you've been fooled. If those songs are not bull crap, they are fruits of marketing. It's a new concept, hearing famous people not wanting to be famous, wanting to be normal. I tell you, if they were true, they would not be vocal about them, or they'd leave showbusiness in a jiffy, given that they have earned enough from the industry to provide for themselves.

Everything comes with a price, even if it is something as desirable as fame.

Who would not want to be the topic of newspaper articles, the talk of the town, the fantasy of men/women? Who would not want to grace magazine covers, meet famous people, or be influential because of fame? A lot of people probably, but for those who want these things, just how much are you willing to pay?

Are you willing to live an almost-public life, where your family and friends are affected? Are you willing to live a life that's moderated by the what's IN and what's not? Are you willing to live a life where people keep reminding you to watch how you talk, or walk, because people may get the wrong message? Oh, and I'm telling you, people can be so judgmental. Every isolated scenario involving you can be used against you and made a generalization of your personality. Take the way you walk for example, try walking with your chin up and there'll surely be someone who'll tell his friend that you've turned mayabang, or too proud to handle. Try voicing out your strong opinion, and be ready to face the consequences. But then again, we can never really please anybody.

I hope that when one is willing, he is doing it for the right reasons, or he has found a greater purpose for what he is doing. It's not just fame that requires so much emotional toil, but anything that one aspires for. Ideally, one should only strive for fame only to use it for worthwhile things. Dreaming to be famous, and only famous, is empty.

But then again, who is to judge whether what you are doing is worthwhile or not? Just listen to your heart, and remember that everything comes with a price. My teacher in 1st year high school, Mr. Onofre Pagsanghan, once taught us 3 steps to achieving a dream. Let me share them with you:
1. Know your dream.
2. Determine the price.
3.If you are brave and willing enough, pay that price.

One last thing.

Never be a people-pleaser. It will only hurt you. God bless.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tong Tong Tong Pakitong Kitong

Crabs in pots are contemptible creatures. Every crab trying to get out of the pot from the side (to save his life), gets pulled down by all the others.

Oh, and do you know where this is headed...

We've been hearing about crab mentality since we were kids. It describes the attitude of trying to pull down people for one's own success. It's the mentality we've discussed in our social studies classes, along with the MaƱana habit, and other bad attitudes.

Recent events have led me to ponder on crab mentality among us Filipinos. To start off, recently, the number of extra-judicial killings as increased, and we are fast becoming one of Asia's killing spots. Politicians and other active members of groups are murdered relentlessly. Why? Because they cross paths with other people. They don't share the same goals, and what do their "opponents"/challengers do? They kill them. They kill them so that they eliminate the one threat to their vested selfish interests, which they hide with supposed wise words and "good" projects (I've always wondered why there are always new basketball courts donated by politicians before elections.). On a smaller scale, pageants have this culture where, because different beautiful women compete for a crown, they have certain tactics that aim to put their rivals down. It is no surprise anymore to hear about this and that person in this pageant doing this and that thing, like putting deodorant in the wrong places for example, and other silly things. Derogatory rumors simply plague the pageants. Even in showbiz and sports, the famous fields of work, people simply have the nerve to put others down, using the power that they have. Why? Because they pose a threat to their careers. They haven't the spirit to improve themselves and their craft, and what do they do? They pull the best down. In effect, the standard goes down, and they can call themselves great. How many sportsmen, actors, actresses, writers, singers, dancers and the like, have either been victims or suspects of this crime of pulling down? It's just a sad, sad thing.

I'm not afraid to say that it is indeed tempting to pull down others, that even I at one point, have pondered upon doing it, because, seeing the great talent in others we can't seem to have, we think that the solution, or the great equalizer, is to do something that we think will show justice to this very unfair, unequal situation. It's hard not to be jealous, or to feel threatened, but we always have to keep in mind, that we are all unique, and we also have something others don't, and if we just take time to reflect, and to improve on our very own talents and passions, we will never have the time for being envious, for being bitter, for being crabs.

I think "focus" is the right word to use. We just have to focus on the right things, and everything will be alright.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thanks a lot!

Hey guys! I'm really sorry for not updating my blog... I haven't done so since before entering the show. Since I got out I've been especially busy with school and a few guestings, so I haven't had the time to think and write. I'll try to update soon though.

Thanks a lot for the comments! It's really nice to know that people actually read this blog. I really hope I'm writing a lot of substantial stuff, because this blog is one way for me to try to contribute to society, even if only a few people can read it. Please do keep commenting!

I read the comments and I feel so blessed that there are a number of people who find my stay in the house to be fruitful. I really hope that a lot of people learned a lot from my stay, from both the good and the bad things. Thank you!

I'm busier than ever, and coincidentally, ABS Interactive gave me KTEXT, Ktext has been kind of my blog for the past few weeks, since I can text almost anywhere and anytime. You can subscribe if you want, just text MIKEE ON to 2366. You'll receive messages on a daily basis; that's a lot more frequent than how I update my blog. I hope you can try it!

Once again, thanks!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Just Ask for Jack

We all have talents and gifts. They make us unique people. These talents and gifts have the power to change the world in ways they can only do. People, including ourselves, recognize our talents.

Our talents have to be used.

Even with talent, people are inclined to do, or like to do certain things. A lot of happy and supposedly successful individuals like what they are doing. A few have the talent to do what they love doing. Some "successful" people just get lucky in terms of where they end up; but fate I think is a better term for it; and most of them love what they do.

Again, even with talent, people are inclined to do certain things. Quite a few people may have been given all the means to accomplish something with their talents, but still they forego the opportunity and choose to do something else. Some end up with nothing in the end, while some who work hard go far, even without talent.

This is what's bothering me. How can they not match at times? Why can't we end up liking what we are gifted with all the time? In this way we can get farther right? I don't know. Why do we feel so heavy when as members of a particular society that showcases our talents, we are asked to do something, when we do not even like it? It really hurts when people shove your talents up your face when you don't even like what you're doing..

Or are we not just searching enough? Who knows? Maybe there is one thing we love that we are talented in. We just have to find it, and not wait for it to come to us. I don't know. What's happening??

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Banal na Aso

Earlier today, my brother's car was bumped by this old man. The man was driving with his wife.

The funny thing about this man, was that he was threatening my brother. At first he was nice, offering to pay for the damages done. But when my brother instead wanted to take the matter to the authorities, the old man said, "'Pag dinala mo sa pulis 'yan, babaligtarin ko statement ko, sasabihin ko ikaw bumangga sa akin." The man was now gonna lie to the police by saying that it was my brother who was responsible.

My dad came to settle matters. The guy kept insisting that he would pay for the damages, and he gave the same threat.
So my dad talked him into this insurance thing, which the guy agreed to do, so things were settled.

Here's the nice part. The man said afterwards: "Ako I'm a man of my word, so babayaran ko talaga 'yan," or something like that. Wow.

You can't teach old dogs new tricks.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Prove pare! Prove!

You're not a snowman unless you're made of snow.
You're not a fruit unless you have seeds.
You're not a ball unless you're round.

You're not an athlete until you have a sport.
You're not a lawyer until you've done a case.
You're not a politician until you win for a position.

You're not God unless you've done what He's done, and is doing what He's doing.

You're not smart unless you have the grades.
You're not rich unless you have the money.
You're not poor unless you're suffering.
You're not tough unless you've been in a fistfight.
You're not good unless you've done something good, or avoided something bad.

You haven't helped unless you've given something.

The point here is this: you're never something unless you can prove it. Something has to point to what you are. Even a fact has to be proven true.

That's just the way it is. Yes, it would have been easier if we didn't have to prove anything, if we didn't have to show anyone something that will make them nod in approval, if we didn't have to try. But when that long-awaited moment comes, what will we all be? Empty, with nothing to work for. We won't even have to do our best, but we'll be empty.

Thank God that we have to prove, for we work harder for what we want to achieve, end up helping more people along the way, and achieve something greater than what we really deserve.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Have you ever?

Have you ever felt like you were in heaven, like your head was so light and pain was absent?

It's not drugs, dude. It's way better. It's someone making your day. Someone can just send you a dozen roses by surprise. Someone you've been enemies with accepts your friendship. Your day can also be made in the event that the person you've been courting answers you with that delightful and assuring "Yes." It can also be a simple "Hi" that can make your day.

You feel so happy that you just wanna tell other people about it; but sometimes, you just can't, especially if the person you wanna tell it to is the cause. I'm not saying this always happens, but it does.

I don't know why I suddenly wrote this. Maybe somebody just made my day. Oh well.

Here's Isa's take on it:
"okay, so getting that shallow happy feeling isn't only limited to crushes. i just got that feeling and it wasn't by anyone i liked, in fact, i don't like anyone. haha. but yes, someone made my day. haha. yey!"

Read Isa's blog by the way. It's the best and most natural blog I've seen, unlike this one. Go! Don't waste time.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Who's Weird?

You know him. The childish little weirdo in class. The one who never talks to you. The one who has his own world he does not want to share with you. The one who's not good in sports, nor in socializing. He's the totally uncool person you wouldn't want to be seen with. He dresses weirdly, speaks weirdly, walks weirdly... you do the imagining, You know him, but you just don't want to be near him.

He's never smoked. He never goes to parties. He can't throw a punch right. He doesn't look pleasant. He makes you giggle when you notice him. He suffers from poor health.

How do you treat him?

You greet him daily with that pleasant smile of yours. You talk to him like he was family. You try to make him tell stories about his life, his past girlfriends, possibly, and his family. You compliment him for being cool. You offer your help whenever he's down.

But when he's not around, you make him the laughing stock of every discussion. You point out his mistakes based on his stories. You give him nicknames that are supposedly appropriate for his personality. You promise everyone that never will you be like him. You tease anyone who comes near him by saying, "Uuy, he found a bestfriend.." You do many other things I may not be able to imagine.

How does he treat you? He treats you well. You just haven't noticed it.

He treats you well, but do not assume that he doesn't know what you've been doing. He knows, and he is bothered by the fact. It forces him to stay alone. It keeps him from being the person he is, because he does not want to be treated badly. It makes him "weirder," by your standard, which causes you to make fun of him even more.

How can you possibly do such a thing? I know for a fact that many times you have "admitted" being weird, especially to the opposite sex. Nobody rejects you for being the weird person you claim to be.Yes, some people may hate you, but they never do what you do to that person you see differently.

All people are different. You have to accept that fact. And because all people are different, you don't have to make a big deal out of your petty little weird friend. Someone might actually be finding you a little too different too, but that's not an excuse for you to keep doing what you're doing.

All people are different, but no one person is more different. That's what you have to learn.

Iniibig Kita

It's a little too late for valentine's, but what the hell. Nothing compares to the lyrics of this song, and best of all, it's straightforward, unlike those other love songs that keep you imagining to the point that you forget what love is all about. It's by Ryan Cayabyab by the way.

Iniibig Kita

Kulang ang araw at gabi 'pag kita'y kapiling.
Kahit ang bukas ay 'di rin sapat upang mamasdan lamang kita.
Labis kitang minamahal, pag-ibig ko'y walang kapantay.
Kung kaya ko lang abutin ang mga bituin t'yak ito'y gagawin.

Malaman mo lang wala nang ibang mas hihigit pa sa pag-ibig ko sa'yo.
Walang ibang nagmamahal nang tulad ko sana'y paniwalaan mo.
Iniibig kita.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Isipin mo ba namang...

Huwag mag-alala kung hindi mo nakukuha ang mga bagay na ninanais mo...

Ang kwento ng tatlong puno ay hanapin mo sa Google ("Three Trees"). (Hanapin mo talaga ah, at basahin mo. Hindi ko na nilagay dito para 'di ako mapahamak muli.) Hindi lahat ng bagay ay makukuha mo, pero may makukuha ka na higit pa, pero siyempre sa mata ng Diyos 'yun, pero pagtiwalaan mo Siya, hindi ka naman Diyos eh.

Isang halimbawa: ang kapatid ko, na 'di marunong magbasa ng nota, subalit may galing sa pag-awit ay natanggap sa Ateneo Glee Club na nanalo sa Grand Prix sa Europa. Hindi naman niya inasahan iyon, basta unti-unti na lang daw bumigay at umalis ung mas magagaling sa kanya; hindi na nakayanan. Eh siya, kaya niya, kahit inaamin niyang may mga mas magagaling. Talaga sigurong para sa kanya iyon, tawagin pa nating suwerte.

Isipin mo ba namang tumakbo para sa pagkapangulo si FPJ? Hindi naman inaasahan iyon eh, pero nangyari, at sa aking haka-haka, nais tayo gisingin ng Diyos... Sa paanong paraan, marami, at siguradong nasa utak mo iyong mga bagay na iyon.

Isipin mo ba namang kahit anong hadlang at hirap na mapagdaanan mo ay nalalagpasan mo, tapos magugulat ka pa, sapagkat hindi mo iyon inasahan. Kay sarap ng pakiramdam, ngunit sa bawat pagkakataon, isipin na may mensahe sa iyo at sa mga tao sa paligid mo ang pangyayari. Maaari rin itong maging masama, kaya mag-ingat.

Basta ganito...

May mga bagay na mabibigo kang makamit, subalit huwag mag-suicide, sapagkat may makakamit kang mas mabuti, pero pag-isipang mabuti ang bawat pangyayari. Malay mo, lalo kang suwetehin kapag tama ang iyong sunod na galaw...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dreams of Tomorrow

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common that unsuccessful men of talent. Genius will not... the world is full of uneducated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race." -- Calvin Coolidge, 30th president of the United States

A dream, or a goal is like one big jigsaw puzzle. In a jigsaw puzzle, pieces have to be put together, in proper order and formation, to form an expected figure or picture. People who are talented will never feel fulfilled solving a puzzle that will not challenge them at all. This also goes for people of genius. A sense of fulfillment is important because, without it, no dream would have been persisted on in the first place. Therefore, people never dream of being what they can be at the press of a button. They dream dreams that seem unreachable at first, dreams where the end can only be imagined, but not attained unless a great amount of will and painful persistence is exerted; dreams much like jigsaw puzzles.

But why do we fail?

People fail because they do not plan well;they end up losing precious time and before they know it, they're dead.
People fail because they give up.
People fail because they are afraid.
People fail because they do not have the right mindset while trying to achieve their dreams.
People fail because they are distracted.
People fail because they cannot distinguish which piece is which.
People fail because they work for something detrimental to everyone, and therefore they do not feel good working for it, because humans are essentially good.
People fail because they look up to the wrong people (we become the people really look up to).
People fail because they they take a road too often trod on that they feel that they are doing nothing new.
People fail because they end up feeling tired.
People fail because they do not know what to do at certain situations.

People fail because despite all the encouragement, the philosophies, the wisdom, the strength, the bravery, they still choose the wrong way to solve one puzzle.

The only way, however, to solve a puzzle, is to solve it step by step, piece by piece, and pattern by pattern. There is no other way. This is the hard part, since we want things to happen instantly many times. This is also where persistence comes in.

We were born for higher things, things even more challenging than jigsaw puzzles.

However, come to think of it, as children, we had a passion for solving every puzzle we get our hands on. Why do most adults now get tired of puzzles, when as children they were passionate about them? It speaks a lot about how most of us deal with our dreams and goals.
"'I had,' said he, 'come to the entirely erroneous conclusion which shows, my dear Watson, how dangerous it always is to reason from insufficient data.'" --Sherlock Holmes, from The Adventure of the Speckled Band by Arthur Conan Doyle

Monday, March 20, 2006


Really really sorry to Ala Paredes for that irresponsible and dumb first entry. I erased that entry already and I figured that posting her comment to it would be best. Thanks Ala!

"Mali ka :-) Hindi ko sinabi na gustong-gusto ko umalis ng bansa (may kopya pa ako ng episode na iyon dito, kaya alam kong hindi ko sinabi iyon)

I think I even expressed more than once that I'm a bit wary over leaving the country because I'd like to stay and strike while the iron is hot.

"Sana ay sa pagbalik niya sa Pilipinas ay makita at maranasan niya ang mabuting pagbabago."

Kung nakinig ka din ng mabuti, ang pagbabagong tinutukoy ko ay ang pagbabago ng aking sarili. Hindi ba't sarili ang dapat unang baguhin bago makaranas ng tunay na pagbabago sa bansa?:-)

Wala run akong sinabi na nawalan ako ng pag-asa sa bansa.

"Subalit kapag isa kang mayaman na elitista na huling maaapektuhan ng pagtaas ng presyo ng gas at bilihin, huwag mong gawing dahilan ang pagod sa bansa upang makaalis dito at manirahan sa ibang bansa. Napakakapal ng mukha mo."

1) What makes you think our reasons for leaving are economic?
2) Di rin ba napapagod ang mga "mayayamang elitista" sa korupsyon, coup de etat, at kung ano man pa? Dahil lang ba'y mayaman at elitista ang isang tao ay bulag siya sa mga realidad na ito?
3) Mayayamang elitista pala kami. (Is it because I'm Atenista as you said? ):-p

Tama ka, hindi mo nga kami kilala, at di mo rin kayang malaman ang tunay na dahilan kung bakit kami umalis ng bansa mula sa isang 15 minutong segment ng "Pipol".

Pero sa susunod, makinig ka ng masmabuti. :-)

Alam kong hindi ka galit sa amin. But let me answer your question anyway.Ano ang tinatakasan ko?

A society and culture that will always put me on a pedestal and will never let me grow up and experience what it is like to strive and work hard for something. I was born a member of the "mayayamang elitista" after all. When I feel like I've grown up, then I can contribute something good to my country.

Many of our national heroes spent time abroad (I am not a national hero, but time abroad must've done them good, and I'm hoping the same will happen to me).

Lovingly yours from Australia,

Ala Paredes"

Ang Kabataan ang Pag-asa ng Pilipinas

We have heard for at least ten times in our lives that "I believe the children are our future; teach them well and help them realize." We are definitely sick and tired of these kinds of lines. Admit it, these lines have been repeated generation after generation, to every kid in every goddamn home, and yet, after centuries and millenia, good change for the future has not come out in great magnitude. Whenever someone hears lines like that, he is bound to think, "What if they're not children anymore?"

Based on what we are seeing, once the children are not children anymore, they end up saying "I believe the children are our future; teach them well and help them realize." They just pass the burden on to the next generation. Because things just get worse over time, the next batch of children grow old and again end up passing on the heavier burden. This is just sad.

Maybe there's something wrong with the line. It only refers to children; children of no specific time period. I have a feeling that adults think they are exempt from being the future of the world. They do have a point though; dumb assholes.

They fail to understand that children are the future because they have a lot more to learn, and they have not yet been polluted by evil thoughts. They are our hope because they still have a choice to be good, to work for the better. That's what we fail to understand.

So now it's our choice. The ball is ours already. The really heavy ball. It could have been lighter if our dads and moms made it so. Are we gonna let our children blame us too? They're the hope too, along with us, and that's what we have to remember.

Damn. That just makes the song sound so irresponsible, which is good.

Bakit nga ba?

Why do you call yourself "pogi," or "guwapo," or "maganda" or pretty all the time? Why do you always have to be reminded that you are such? Do you really get something out of praise? I don't know. I'm also guilty of this.

But come to think of it? Why? Why do we have to be reminded? What is the use of self-esteem?
Why be praised? I know for a fact though that praises have the power to keep us going, whether they praise action or appearance. Why do we have to wait for praises from people? In an ideal setting, we can just keep on going without praise, never getting tired. But that would only work when we know what to work for.

What do we work for? Who do we work for?

"Center all you do, dare and dream around what lasts."

Go figure. Good luck.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mga Duwag

Dun sa sanaysay sa ibaba, may nakalagay:

"When we went to Pasangjan, I forced my parents to take a boat because it would be fun. However, they were not happy after taking a boat. They said that they would not take the boat again because they were sympathized the boatmen, for the boatmen were very poor and had asmall frame. Most of people just took a boat and enjoyed it. But, my parents did not enjoy it because of love for them."

Katarantaduhan ito.

Ang kahit na anong sakit na nararamdaman mo ay hindi mo maaaring iwasan. Ang magagawa mo lang ay ang alisin ito nang tuwiran. Kung hindi man, makakain ka nang buhay ng sakit na ito, maging kasinliteral man ito ng sugat o kasintalinghaga ng damdamin.

Kahit nasasaktan ang damdamin ng mga taong ito dahil sa pagmamahal sa kapwa, ang tanging paraan upang mapawi ito ay ang pagkilos upang matanggal ang sakit. Ang pag-iwas sa mga taong nangangailangan, lalo na kapagka nakahalubilo mo na sila at naramdaman ang nadarama nila, ay walang sakit na mapapawi at magdudulot lamang ng mas malaking sama ng loob na hindi mawawala hanggang sa kumilos muli upang labanan ang sakit.

May dahilan kasi ang sakit na nadarama. Sa agham, ang kirot ay dulot ng pamamaga, na senyales ng paglaban ng katawan sa impeksyon. Nasasabi rin ng sakit na may nangyayari sa iyong katawan, na may impeksyon ka. Ang sakit sa damdamin ay senyales ng impeksyon sa lipunan at paligid. Ikaw ang gagamot nito.


Regine mailed me this essay and i thought it would be a good to post it. It's by a Korean and it's about Korea and the Philippines. Read it. You just have to. Please.

Jaeyoun Kim

Filipinos always complain about the corruption inthe Philippines. Do you really think the corruption is the problem of the Philippines? I do notthink so. I strongly believe that the problem isthe lack of love for the Philippines.

Let me first talk about my country, Korea. It might help you understand my point. After the Korean War, South Korea was oneof the poorest countries in the world. Koreans had to start from scratch because entire country wasdestroyed after the Korean War, and we had nonatural resources.

Koreans used to talk about the Philippines, forFilipinos were very rich in Asia. We envy Filipinos. Koreans really wanted to be well off likeFilipinos. Many Koreans died of famine. My father & brother also died because of famine. Korean government was very corrupt and is still verycorrupt beyond your imagination, but Korea was able to develop dramatically because Koreans really did their best for the common good with their heartburning with patriotism.

Koreans did not work just for themselves but alsofor their neighborhood and country. Education inspired young men with the spirit of patriotism. 40 years ago, President Park took over thegovernment to reform Korea. He tried to borrow money from other countries, but it was not possible to get aloan and attract a foreign investment because theeconomic situation of South Korea was so bad. Korea had only three factories. So, President Park sent many mine workers and nurses to Germany so thatthey could send money to Korea to build a factory. They had to go through horrible experience.

In 1964, President Park visited Germany to borrow money. Hundred of Koreans in Germany came to the airport to welcome him and cried there as they sawthe President Park. They asked to him, "President,when can we be well off?" That was the only question everyone asked to him. President Park cried withthem and promised them that Korea would be welloff if everyone works hard for Korea, and the President of Germany got the strong impression on themand lent money to Korea. So, President Park wasable to build many factories in Korea. He always asked Koreans to love their country from their heart.

Many Korean scientists and engineers in the USAcame back to Korea to help developing country because they wanted their country to be well off. Though they received very small salary, they did theirbest for Korea. They always hoped that their children would live in well off country.My parents always brought me to the places wherepoor and physically handicapped people live. They wanted me to understand their life and help them. I also worked for Catholic Church when I was in the army. The only thing I learned from Catholic Church was that wehave to love our neighborhood. And, I have loved my neighborhood. Have you cried for thePhilippines? I have cried for my country severaltimes. I also cried for the Philippines because of so manypoor people. I have been to the New Bilibidprison. What made me sad in the prison were theprisoners who do not have any love for their country. They go to mass and work for Church. They prayeveryday. However, they do not love the Philippines. Italked to two prisoners at the maximum-security compound, and both of them said that they would leave thePhilippines right after they are released from theprison. They said that they would start a new life in other countries and never come back to the Philippines.

Many Koreans have a great love for Korea so thatwe were able to share our wealth with our neighborhood. The owners of factory and company were distributed their profit to their employees fairly so that employees couldbuy what they needed and saved money for thefuture and their children.When I was in Korea, I had a very strong faith andwanted to be a priest. However, when I came to the Philippines,I completely lost my faith. I was very confused when I saw many unbelievablesituations in the Philippines. Street kids always make me sad, and I see them everyday. The Philippines is the only Catholic country in Asia, but there are too many poor people here. People go to church every Sunday to pray, but nothing hasbeen changed.

My parents came to the Philippines last week andsaw this situation. They told me that Korea was much poorer than the present Philippines when theywere young. They are so sorry that there are somany beggars and street kids. When we went to Pasangjan, I forced my parents to take a boat becauseit would fun. However, they were not happy aftertaking a boat. They said that they would not take the boat again because they were sympathized theboatmen, for the boatmen were very poor and had asmall frame. Most of people just took a boat and enjoyed it.

But, my parents did not enjoy it because of lovefor them.My mother who has been working for Catholic Churchsince I was very young told me that if we just go to mass without changing ourselves, we are not Catholic indeed. Faith should come with action.

She added that I have to love Filipinos and do good things for them because all of us are same and have received a great love from God. I want Filipinos to love theirneighborhood and country as much as they love Godso that the Philippines will be well off.

I am sure that love is the keyword, which Filipinosshould remember. We cannot change the sinful structure at once. It should start from person. Love must start in everybody, in a small scale and have to grow. A lot ofthings happen if we open up to love. Let's put awayour prejudices and look at our worries with our new eyes.I discover that every person is worthy to beloved. Trust in love, because it makes changes possible. Love changes you and me. It changes people,contexts and relationships. It changes the world. Please love yourneighborhood and country.

Jesus Christ said that whatever we do to others wedo to Him. In the Philippines, there is God for people who are abused and abandoned. There is God who is crying for love. If you have a child, teach them how to love the Philippines. Teach them why they have to love their neighborhood and country. You already know that God also will be very happy if you love others.

That's all I really want to ask you Filipinos.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Kapirasong Tela

Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:46:26 PM): or you can write about
Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:46:26 PM): this
Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:46:38 PM): my class got into bigr trouble because
Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:46:51 PM): people started laughing and making faces during the national anthem
Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:47:05 PM): the people singing the anthem badly weren't making fun of the anthem
Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:47:07 PM): but of each other
Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:47:21 PM): and everyone realized a lot of things about how they were
Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:47:30 PM): i realized that as much as i love my country
Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:47:54 PM): i don't sing my anthem and i just stand there to respect it (which according to james isn't really respecting it)
Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:48:12 PM): i just stood there
Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:48:28 PM): i didn't tell my classmates to shut up
Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:48:48 PM): well, i was taught not to move or talk while the anthem plays as a child
Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:48:52 PM): so all i could say was
Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:48:54 PM): mga gaga
Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:48:56 PM): so there
Regine Miranda (3/11/2006 9:49:01 PM): what is your reaction to that?

We can look at our very own president and see if she sings the anthem or just stands there. I definitely have seen her just stand there respecting the flag. I'd like to believe though that just standing there is still a sign of respect to the flag, not only because I have seen the president do it, but because I know that when I do it, I still respect the flag.

Respect is very subjective. It all depends on how people like it expressed or on how people see it. We consider someone disrespectful when he sits while everyone stands and sings the anthem, while at the same time, we cannot blame a man with no legs for staying seated. Also, we can never blame a mute person for not singing.

If there were real strict rules for respecting, then we'd all be shot dead. There would have been no way we could follow each rule, for we're all different; and do not underestimate how different we all can get. There are no such rules, a testament to the fact that respect depends on how people look at it.

Whoever really said that not paying attention to the national anthem was disrespecting the flag? Older people said that, and they probably got that from much older dead people. Where did the dead people learn what and what not respect is? They learned it from how they felt, and I believe that though respect is very subjective, that no one should really scold you for respecting in whatever way you want, the "rules" we follow now also stemmed from the perception of people, and those "rules" would not have been passed down all the way down to us if they did not speak at least a grain of truth about how people see respect. So the rules are not all that bad, and I believe that most of us, not all, would agree that the rules agree to how we feel about certain matters in general, especially the national anthem.

The Ateneo High School uniform was chosen by the students. Before having uniforms, the students were required to wear their IDs, since there were great security threats brought about by wearing casual daily. About a decade ago, the students were given a choice by the school. The school asked what they wanted for their uniform, and meetings were held. Definitely, at this point of transition from casual clothes to cool blue polos, there were temptations to bend the uniform rule. So Father Caluag, then principal, announced in a general assembly that while the rules are about to be changed, there are still standing rules that have to be followed. As long as there is a rule, follow it, and now that there will be changes, follow the present rule until it is changed. It makes perfect sense to me.

Respect is subjective, but there are still rules. Rules have rich backgrounds. Maybe we should follow them while they are there. Change will come appropriately.