Sunday, April 09, 2006

Banal na Aso

Earlier today, my brother's car was bumped by this old man. The man was driving with his wife.

The funny thing about this man, was that he was threatening my brother. At first he was nice, offering to pay for the damages done. But when my brother instead wanted to take the matter to the authorities, the old man said, "'Pag dinala mo sa pulis 'yan, babaligtarin ko statement ko, sasabihin ko ikaw bumangga sa akin." The man was now gonna lie to the police by saying that it was my brother who was responsible.

My dad came to settle matters. The guy kept insisting that he would pay for the damages, and he gave the same threat.
So my dad talked him into this insurance thing, which the guy agreed to do, so things were settled.

Here's the nice part. The man said afterwards: "Ako I'm a man of my word, so babayaran ko talaga 'yan," or something like that. Wow.

You can't teach old dogs new tricks.


isa said...

well, it is only right that he does pay for it since it's his fault. wait, if i look back on this tom and it doesn't make sense, i have a good reason: i lack sleep. haha

-kAy- said...

that's really weird, and funny too.. haha.. that old man is really one of a kind.. hehehe..

gudluck to u and ur career, mikee!!

drop by my blog too..

thAnKz..! [ kay ]

Jayson said...

Whatever that guy was keeping is sure to be fishy.. Or perhaps he had this weird thing against cops... Or perhaps he doesn't want his friends knowing he bumped someone. I smell pride...

Anonymous said...

Excuse me! Stop saying "old guy." I'm living with a 60 year old! I'd like to believe 87 years to be the beginning of "old guy" not 60! Thank you for your attention to this delicate matter.

A flower child of the 60's.

P.S. You can't call someone who grew up with sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll old guy can you?

Mikee said...

what old guy? it's not a delicate matter, mind you.