Monday, March 20, 2006

Ang Kabataan ang Pag-asa ng Pilipinas

We have heard for at least ten times in our lives that "I believe the children are our future; teach them well and help them realize." We are definitely sick and tired of these kinds of lines. Admit it, these lines have been repeated generation after generation, to every kid in every goddamn home, and yet, after centuries and millenia, good change for the future has not come out in great magnitude. Whenever someone hears lines like that, he is bound to think, "What if they're not children anymore?"

Based on what we are seeing, once the children are not children anymore, they end up saying "I believe the children are our future; teach them well and help them realize." They just pass the burden on to the next generation. Because things just get worse over time, the next batch of children grow old and again end up passing on the heavier burden. This is just sad.

Maybe there's something wrong with the line. It only refers to children; children of no specific time period. I have a feeling that adults think they are exempt from being the future of the world. They do have a point though; dumb assholes.

They fail to understand that children are the future because they have a lot more to learn, and they have not yet been polluted by evil thoughts. They are our hope because they still have a choice to be good, to work for the better. That's what we fail to understand.

So now it's our choice. The ball is ours already. The really heavy ball. It could have been lighter if our dads and moms made it so. Are we gonna let our children blame us too? They're the hope too, along with us, and that's what we have to remember.

Damn. That just makes the song sound so irresponsible, which is good.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, its so...reflective...true though, very true...


AbyChu said...

but you see, if you grow up, maybe you'd be like any normal adult too. you would probably forget what you have written.

still, not all adults forget, so we still have hope!


Ms. G said...

It's probably because our country's so impoverished and its problems are so overwhelming that people just get stunned and scared to move; hence they just depend on us kids like we're some sot of Marvel superheroes. Argh! As if they were able to do something!
We should all end this cycle immediately!!! :0

i've read your other entries...
I never thought i could actually learn from someone my age and from someone who appears on tv. haha! kidding.
You should probably consider running for office dude! :P