Monday, March 20, 2006

Bakit nga ba?

Why do you call yourself "pogi," or "guwapo," or "maganda" or pretty all the time? Why do you always have to be reminded that you are such? Do you really get something out of praise? I don't know. I'm also guilty of this.

But come to think of it? Why? Why do we have to be reminded? What is the use of self-esteem?
Why be praised? I know for a fact though that praises have the power to keep us going, whether they praise action or appearance. Why do we have to wait for praises from people? In an ideal setting, we can just keep on going without praise, never getting tired. But that would only work when we know what to work for.

What do we work for? Who do we work for?

"Center all you do, dare and dream around what lasts."

Go figure. Good luck.


Cloweey said...

mikee..I didn't know you can
spill ink on paper with such passion and beauty...ahahaha...

-kAy- said...

nice realization, mikee.. oo nga.. thats right. ur right. i dont know why either.. anyway, haha.. congrats ha!! mail me back..

hope to hear from yah!

Anonymous said...

Praise assures and reminds you that you're somehow on the right track to achieving something. Imagine if no one affirmed your talents and strengths, you would end up doubting why you're doing something in the first place.

Anonymous said...

this is julio, a sibol hesus student,thank you sa mga nasulat mo ..... naging inspiration ung para skin ...... thank you again ...god bless and more power!