Friday, December 01, 2006

Fame? I wanna live forever?

Do you remember Lindsay Lohan's song Rumors? Do you remember its lyrics? Do you remember any similar song, probably done by another famous musician or TV personality, talking about how they hate fame, how they hate being followed by people, being talked about, and being fantasized about? If you do, and you believe them, you've been fooled. If those songs are not bull crap, they are fruits of marketing. It's a new concept, hearing famous people not wanting to be famous, wanting to be normal. I tell you, if they were true, they would not be vocal about them, or they'd leave showbusiness in a jiffy, given that they have earned enough from the industry to provide for themselves.

Everything comes with a price, even if it is something as desirable as fame.

Who would not want to be the topic of newspaper articles, the talk of the town, the fantasy of men/women? Who would not want to grace magazine covers, meet famous people, or be influential because of fame? A lot of people probably, but for those who want these things, just how much are you willing to pay?

Are you willing to live an almost-public life, where your family and friends are affected? Are you willing to live a life that's moderated by the what's IN and what's not? Are you willing to live a life where people keep reminding you to watch how you talk, or walk, because people may get the wrong message? Oh, and I'm telling you, people can be so judgmental. Every isolated scenario involving you can be used against you and made a generalization of your personality. Take the way you walk for example, try walking with your chin up and there'll surely be someone who'll tell his friend that you've turned mayabang, or too proud to handle. Try voicing out your strong opinion, and be ready to face the consequences. But then again, we can never really please anybody.

I hope that when one is willing, he is doing it for the right reasons, or he has found a greater purpose for what he is doing. It's not just fame that requires so much emotional toil, but anything that one aspires for. Ideally, one should only strive for fame only to use it for worthwhile things. Dreaming to be famous, and only famous, is empty.

But then again, who is to judge whether what you are doing is worthwhile or not? Just listen to your heart, and remember that everything comes with a price. My teacher in 1st year high school, Mr. Onofre Pagsanghan, once taught us 3 steps to achieving a dream. Let me share them with you:
1. Know your dream.
2. Determine the price.
3.If you are brave and willing enough, pay that price.

One last thing.

Never be a people-pleaser. It will only hurt you. God bless.


Xtian said...

"Never be a people-pleaser. It will only hurt you. God bless."

yeah I agree. Because not everyone will like you.. and in the first place, it's not your obligation to be liked. ;)

But then, sometimes we need to please the people we love.. or made our life a happy one. Like our friends, family and other people around us. HMM. Ayt?

*thinking.. ;)*

yskulmate said...

"I hope that when one is willing, he is doing it for the right reasons, or he has found a greater purpose for what he is doing. It's not just fame that requires so much emotional toil, but anything that one aspires for. Ideally, one should only strive for fame only to use it for worthwhile things. Dreaming to be famous, and only famous, is empty."

---I sooo love what this paragraph expresses.

Fame... It's a business, that when you've already entered.. kahit gusto mo nang umalis at kahit nga wala ka na doon, these people would still be there to watch every move you make.

Anonymous said...

you what mikee!!!i love you na tlg!!!unang kita ko plng sau sa PBB!!!pls nman add mo ako sa friendster mo..this is my
pls mo tlg ako..tyhnxx..
nice blog!!astig!!!

tabaluta said...

Man, you can write. I'd have to go back to school to even be a little behind your style. I'd have to study writing again. Very good. But me, I do not want fame. Fame has it prices and I do not want to pay them. I'd rather be semi-incognito, by the sidelines, not being left out, but enjoying the show.

joee said...

i enjoy reading your post. palaging may lessons! salamat ha, you inspired me!

Lexy said...

lindsay lohan's rumours is such a crappy song...and lindsay herself is crappy as well.. hainakoh...korek ka..kung ayaw nila ng fame..kung ayaw nilang binubuntutan sila ng media and all that..then they quit showbiz! hindi yung dinadaan nila sa kanta.kung ako.. i probably won't be able to handle being so normal na buhay nga nasestress na ko ng todo pano pa kaya kung nagshowbiz ako?*as if naman*hehehe

Dreaming to be famous, and only famous, is empty.
Never be a people-pleaser. It will only hurt you.
so true...!


*galing mo sa love spell...hehe* ΓΌ

Doubting Thomas said...

how bout you? do you love the fame you're at right now?

angelic_balletkit said...

Your entries really make me think everytime I read them.
You're right... If a person doesn't want to be a celebrity any longer, why don't they just quit it, right?

How about you? Are you enjoying the fame you're experiencing right now, or not?

I'll have to say, as much as love writing, I'll have to really use my wits and go to writing courses just so my writing style would be half asgood as yours... You're an intelligent writer/blogger, Mikee... And writers/bloggers like that seem to be hard to find these days... Keep it up!

I hope you don't mind if I post a link to your site on my blog...

PS: ang cute mo sa lovespell at sa abt ur luv... ;)

Rheg said...

nice post... what you write about is true... anyway, keep us posted. Your posts inspires a lot of people. :)

Anonymous said...

Naku kuya. Kahit na sikat ka nga ngayon eh parang wala ngang nagbago. Parang normal lang lahat. Nang mapadpad ako sa blog mo na 'to parang normal na blogger ka lang. Heh. Ginaganahan ako mag post sa sarili kong blog. Inspired? Sige kuya continue writing. The readers enjoy reading naman.

Anonymous said...

hey dude!, ur really can you talk about this stuff so easily...
by the way, how's fame striking u right now??? hope u won't be like those damn folks who try to be what they are really not...
continue's worth it!!
God bless!!

jev said...

Fame consumes the foolish. For the wise, fame adds to his laurels and not rests on it.

meg said...

oh yeah..
britney has a song with the same message (i just forgot the title).

jerky songs.. you are absolutely right in pointing that out.

nice blog!!

Super xienaH said...

heartfelt post.
update ka ng madalas ha.

"Never be a people-pleaser. It will only hurt you."
tatandaan ko yan.

Anonymous said...

wow. nice entry. may bago na naman ako natutunan from you. hehe.. thanks! =)

boris said...

if I were a model, i would stick to that career only. i wont mess being an actor or a host. this wil surely lessen your worries about popularity and family threats. anyways that is the price isn't it?

hey, i haven't been hearing from you since ive commented to your posts. hope you could drop by. thankx :]

Merry Christmas.

Jayson said...

hey mikee, try checking my blog out... I guess we're pretty much into the same intellectual stuff :)

anyway about this post... i think ou can summarize it in one thought... evrything has a price... see ya around

Anonymous said...

Lindsay didn't write the song..pls don't blame her..
di mo malalamang ayaw mo isang bagay hanggang na experience mo na..:)

carolynbarba said...

i love this post! woohoo! :)

"never be a people-pleaser. it will only hurt you..."

---this line is oh so true.. i juper love this line.. :)

i've tried it (pleasing everybody) already, and i'm already tired of doing it.. all i know is that we can't please everybody and everybody can't please us. :) ayt?

merry xmas.. :)


p.s. galing mo sa love spell and about ur love and your song! yey! go maikee! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Mikee!! :) Pwede ka po ba gumawa ng entry about Science VS. Religion? :) I just want to know your insights about this topic. This topic is also a good entry for the coming new year. Thanks!! :)) -dream

Cheddar Almighty said...

Great post, Mikee:P

a.prieto said...

I enjoy reading your posts because you always make me realize something worthwhile. You are truly an intellectual person.

God bless

""~* cathe *~"" said...

Yeah. People can be very judgmental. That is always unavoidable. But on the contrary, never please them. Damn. This world is making mey head turn wham.

wehkid said...

how about you? are you happy about your fame right now? once, i also experienced being popular, only with a small group of people. i didn't like the feeling. i hate being the center of attention especially if "wala na kong hirit" nakatingin pa rin mga tao. wala. i just laid low once again. do you feel that sometimes? weh. interview.

Genie said...

"Never be a people-please. It will only hurt you."

Never said better. Great insights,Mikee. Sa tagal na kitang kilala hindi ko alam ganyan ka pala mag-isip. Haha joke lang:D See you around.

:shocked: said...

woah. masyadong strong ung feelings mo about that one. uh. so ayun. sige, God bless. :D ingat sa showbusiness. :D

a.prieto said...

hi mikee! i have a question, is this multiply site yours:

I just want to make sure. thank you!

btw, your posts are really great. i want you to know that I love reading them.

God bless

Anonymous said...

ei, belated happy birthday!

girlnXtdoor said...

Great post. . Good thing that you still keep your feet in the ground despite where you are right now. :)

Kevin A. Turner said...

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Anonymous said...

again... i've been impressed by your work... you're not just intelligent but you are really WISE... you're right... Our main purpose in life is not to please men and i should add ...but to please God... pero hindi dpat maging reason yun para gawin mo na lhat ang gusto mo sa harap ng ibang tao..yup we won't let anybody judge us pero may DIVINE JUDGE pa rin tayo na dapat nating ma-please... coz i know we all want to make God smile..ryt???

Anonymous said...

we can never please everybody, but there's one thing i can say in this post, you pleased me. hHe! nice blog, keep it up. GOD BlesS!

Anonymous said...

ang daming fake na mikee lee sa friendster..
it's so annoying. They even post photos of you with your family and friends..

That sucks! :c but i guess that's one of the prices one has to pay for being famous.

pacu said...

well said