Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tong Tong Tong Pakitong Kitong

Crabs in pots are contemptible creatures. Every crab trying to get out of the pot from the side (to save his life), gets pulled down by all the others.

Oh, and do you know where this is headed...

We've been hearing about crab mentality since we were kids. It describes the attitude of trying to pull down people for one's own success. It's the mentality we've discussed in our social studies classes, along with the MaƱana habit, and other bad attitudes.

Recent events have led me to ponder on crab mentality among us Filipinos. To start off, recently, the number of extra-judicial killings as increased, and we are fast becoming one of Asia's killing spots. Politicians and other active members of groups are murdered relentlessly. Why? Because they cross paths with other people. They don't share the same goals, and what do their "opponents"/challengers do? They kill them. They kill them so that they eliminate the one threat to their vested selfish interests, which they hide with supposed wise words and "good" projects (I've always wondered why there are always new basketball courts donated by politicians before elections.). On a smaller scale, pageants have this culture where, because different beautiful women compete for a crown, they have certain tactics that aim to put their rivals down. It is no surprise anymore to hear about this and that person in this pageant doing this and that thing, like putting deodorant in the wrong places for example, and other silly things. Derogatory rumors simply plague the pageants. Even in showbiz and sports, the famous fields of work, people simply have the nerve to put others down, using the power that they have. Why? Because they pose a threat to their careers. They haven't the spirit to improve themselves and their craft, and what do they do? They pull the best down. In effect, the standard goes down, and they can call themselves great. How many sportsmen, actors, actresses, writers, singers, dancers and the like, have either been victims or suspects of this crime of pulling down? It's just a sad, sad thing.

I'm not afraid to say that it is indeed tempting to pull down others, that even I at one point, have pondered upon doing it, because, seeing the great talent in others we can't seem to have, we think that the solution, or the great equalizer, is to do something that we think will show justice to this very unfair, unequal situation. It's hard not to be jealous, or to feel threatened, but we always have to keep in mind, that we are all unique, and we also have something others don't, and if we just take time to reflect, and to improve on our very own talents and passions, we will never have the time for being envious, for being bitter, for being crabs.

I think "focus" is the right word to use. We just have to focus on the right things, and everything will be alright.


Angelo937 said...

true! true enough... well said mikee. keep on doing what's best for you, and dont mind those other 'crabs' who just wants to pull you down. hopefully too you have the time to reply your subscribers. andami kaming tanong hinihintay na mareply mo... :)

carolynbarba said...

i agree with all the statements posted. one more thing that i notice with people of today is that instead of striving hard to get to the top, they always think the other way 'round. instead of striving to be number 1, they usually strive hard NOT TO BE LAST. (well, striving to be on top is different from striving not to be last.) and, to avoid these situations they try to pull others down to put themselves up. why are they doing this? to make themselves feel superior and the others inferior? tsk.. what's wrong with the people in this world? we are not crabs but we act like crabs. oh no.. where's the justice and peace that our C.L.E teacher has been teaching? oh well.. it's up to us, teenagers, to change this trend.. ayt? :)

nice post mikee! :)

-carolyn b.

Lexy said...

yey! may update na ikaw!
tagal kon inantay toh.

so yeah..crab mentality..ewan ko ba kung bkit nauso pa yan..harhar..katulad nga nung sinabi mo may mga politicians na nagdodonate ng basketball courts pag mageeleksyon na..nakoh dude..governor d2 samen nagpagawa ng covered court hahaha..hula ko dahil mageeleksyon na...kaloka...

yeah it's sad. nkakalungkot isipin na kayang mantapak ng ibang tao para lang makuha ang gusto nila..tsk tsk tsk..


joem said...

agree, totally.

what a misconception most have—putting others down will never make you ahead of them, not even at par. it’s as good as plunging yourself to the lowest of the low. perhaps, a total suicide.

joem said...

agree, totally.

what a misconception most have—putting others down will never make you ahead of them, not even at par. it’s as good as plunging yourself to the lowest of the low. perhaps, a total suicide.

Pretty Miaka said...

wow! very well said mikee!!!
you were right when you said that sometimes we are tempted to be 'crabs' talaga. when i was still studying may mga times na muntikan na akong maging 'crab' but thank God may mga friends ako who were always there for me to guide me. pero kalimitan it is I who the people want to pull down. i am just like you. hindi mo sinabi sa post mo but i know that some people really want to pull you down. there was a time na i wanted to quit school talaga. i was really disturbed. pero graduate na ako ngayon. it's God whom you really can rely on. sa Kanya ako nagsusumbong. lagi ko siyang kinakausap sa house man sa school man. nakakabawas stress kapag kausap ko na really helped talaga.
basta God is always there for us. lagi ka lang pray sa kanya,okay?

don't mind them mikee. just do your best!make good in your studies pa rin. God bless mikee!!!

[G]erald™ said...

Well said.

The last part is right. Focus and strive to improve your own talents and capabilities, don't mind those bad things people do around you and you'll do good.

'Wag kayo mag-alala, Karma is just around.

Chiexii said...

hi there! im just passing by! you really have nice things to share like this one.keep it up!

""~* cathe *~"" said...

finally. another useful and senseful post. :) i needed something like this.

crab mentality as you mentioned is a very bad habit especially among Filipinos. they put down people just to claim that thrown they've always wanted. maybe because they are envious or some sort.

it makes me think that if they really want the position they dreamed of, shouldn't they work hard for it?! can't they think how hard the person on top worked hard as well in order to get there?

stop and think. :) thanks mikee, i woke up from my senses. :D

angelic_balletkit said...

hmm... fair point. People really prefer to pull their rivals down istead of improving themselves. The term to use to decribe these "crabs" would be insecure.

I really like the way you think and how you express the things going on inside your mind...

If ever these crabs get to you, don't mind them, Mikee! Many people believe in you and your talents. By the way, I'm one of them. ;)

BRENDAdmin said...

such a very meaningful post there mikee ! keep it up . i admire the brain and the heart behind it .

if you have time, pls do check and comment on my blog also . take care !

chriz_the_poet said...

you're right on it.. ^_^ just ignore the creeps around you.. i have met people who're crabs.. they're such dullard entities.. wheeeew.. maybe they cant get what they want coz they're nothing but well, inggit lang sila that's why they have that mentality..

just dropped by.. ^_^

c h r y z
/serenade me/

Super xienaH said...

sa wakas ay updated ka ang blog mo.
you should always update your blog.
sa showbiz marami ang ganyan.
sana walang mangyari sa iyo na ganoon.
hindi nga natin sila mababago pero lets start with our self.

Anonymous said...

wow mikee! your such a sensible person..
i like your post. its true and its the reality. no matter how we filipinos would try to deny it, we can't hide that sometimes we are like crabs..
let's not be not compete with others compete with yourself.

ill link that ok with you?!

vracoma said...

eto ba yung kinukuwento mong di mo mapost? ayus, napost mo na. haha!

regine said...

nice post mikee. Very well said. Just never mind the people who tries to pull others down just to get what they want. They're just selfish...and sooner or later, karmas will find its way round back to them. Just keep in mind your goals you want to achieve. Madaming ganyan eh... haha! AT talagang ganon sila.

Anyhoo, keep blogging. Make this blog like saab's. She keeps on updating. And I hope you too. :P I wanna ask if you know any Mikee Francisco in Ateneo? La lang, thought of him. Ingat. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't expect someone (almost)from showbiz to write something as realistic as this. Great one! :-)

Anonymous said...

ang daya mo talaga! hindi ka nagpopost NEGATIVE COMMENTS. ang kapal mo naman! akala mo ba love ka ng lahat?

huwag kang nagtatangkang mag-college sa UP. Pag doon ka pumasok, sige ka, pagsisisihan mo yan. pahihirapan ka nilang lahat. HUWAG KA NA.

at pwede ba? manood ka ng pinoy dream academy... sabayan mo yung mga "scholars" doon mg dance, singing, at maging acting workshop... wala ka kasing talent doon.

kung si direk joey lang ang pwedeng tumira sa yo... sasabihin niya na wala kang dating. boring ka, at try hard. kalimutan mo na ang show biz. mag math ka nalang.

tandaan mo, huwag kang pumasok sa UP. doon ka na sa ateneo. magdusa ka doon kagaya ng pagdurusa ni joaqui-- mas grabe pa siguro yung sa yo pero oks na yon. kasi kung sa UP ka. patay kang bata ka.

ysabelle said...

hey anonymous, shut up. inggit ka lang kay mikee kasi nakasama sya sa PBB at matalino sya.

akala mo nman kung cno kang ckat.


lea said...

I'm a silent reader. Ngayon ko lang naisipang magcomment.


Grabe, hilahan talaga mga tao ngayon.

I just admire you. May sense ka magblog eh. :) WOHOO! SMART GUYS ROCK!

boris said...

yeah, the right thing is sometimes the stupid thing. if we keep ourselves from equalizing with other people without pulling them down, then I should say that it is the best solution.

yes it is tempting but what can we do if we cant be like them.

we should also be ourselves i suppose...

annannanna said...

Great post. Everything's true. Pulling down others just to get "to the top" isn't going to help anyone - it will just worsen the situation and the person later on will feel an imminent loss.

Anonymous said...

ei! san mo balak mag college?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mikee! I graduated from UP & I hope & pray matuloy ka nga sa UP. Wag mong intindihin ung isang poster dyan na taga-UP daw. We need somebody like you in UP. Someone na hindi lang puro tira ng tira sa mga kalaban. You don't have to go down your level para lang may patunayan sa kanila. Ano nga bang makukuha mo if you argue with a very emotional person? Pakikinggan ka ba? Lahat ng sasabihin mo, he will turn against you... I like your positive attitude & I enjoy reading your blogs. Keep it up! God bless!

Mikee said...

Hello! I'd like to thank everyone who has left comments on my posts. I'm glad that a lot of people are able to read and either agree or disagree with my thoughts accordingly. Thanks a lot! It's people like you who keep thinking that keep me willing to post new ideas. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Gawd!!! You're the bomb Michael Vincent Cabral Lee. Labeling you as a mathbrainiac is an excel not only in math..not only in science but also in english, and I guess, in life. wooow!!! you're a magnificent writer and person.How i wish i could write like you do.


Anonymous said...

Michael Vincent Cabral know what??? you're the bomb!!! I really love all your posts!!! Labeling you as a mathbrainiac is an understatement...because you're also a magnificent writer(How I wish I could write the way you do)! And I guess you also excel in Science. Whew! almost-perfect, as what they say.

Keep up the good work! You, Mikee Lee is heaven-sent. God bless you and you family!!


BELLE said...

Michael Vincent Cabral know what??? you're the bomb!!! I really love all your posts!!! Labeling you as a mathbrainiac is an understatement...because you're also a magnificent writer(How I wish I could write the way you do)! And I guess you also excel in Science. Whew! almost-perfect, as what they say.

Keep up the good work! You, Mikee Lee is a heaven-sent. God bless you and you family!!