Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Only in The Philippines?

On the way home from Ateneo, I was listening to the evening news through the car radio. The news that caught my attention involved that of a certain former government official who is now being called to testify in front of the senate regarding his alleged anomalous release of funds to government officials not necessarily involved with the goals of that fund. What really got me wondering was not the fact that there was news about possible committed corruption (What's new?), but the statement of a well-known senator (known to be corrupt, but bluntly proven) for the former government official;on TV, he advised the former government official to stop "prolonging the agony," and to start testifying already, as if he, the well-known senator, himself was a righteous man (He may actually be.).

That piece of news just got my attention, but I am not condemning that certain senator for saying that. It is his job to say that, since he is also tasked to do investigations. However, what keeps me bothered is the fact that politicians we usually carelessly brand as corrupt seem to investigate each other on a regular basis already. I wonder what comes to the minds of political investigators when they interview anomalous people. I mean, if they were corrupt too, then they would probably be laughing at the anomalous person they were interviewing for being stupid enough to be caught. We rarely end up proving that a lot of governement officials in the Philippines are corrupt, or have stolen a tremendous amount of money, but we always seem to know, based on rumors, and news of this and that person "allegedly" stealing this and that amount for this or that invalid project. Sometimes, we do not have to prove that someone is bad to know if a system is bad, or dangerous. 

But how the heck did our country end up to be like this? The government functions very much like a company, and we can think of it as the central company that takes care of all major transactions that will benefit the Filipino citizen, its customer and major shareholder. If this company alone is known to be corrupt in itself, then all other companies, or systems attached to it (like the different sectors), are bound to be corrupt in a degree equal to, or less than that of the central government. Therefore, we can say that in our own different work places, like show business or the simple common corporate set-up, different forms of corruption are already present, and they are not limited to stealing money by way of bent transactions. If you noticed, in the Philippines, only the powerful elite help their own kind, and most of the developing kind (those striving to improve their lives immensely) have to struggle against crab mentality, and having to meet the right people at the right time to help them out. Don't we all just wish that our own workplaces felt like school, wherein working hard almost usually meant getting the better grade, and hopefully the better future? PR was not the make or break skill then, but now, the motto seems to be "Who you know will best help you and your company."

As a student nearing the end of my student life, I keep praying not to be eaten up by the damaged culture in my own future workplace, if ever that damaged culture shows up. When we all end up having to decide against our own integrity for what may seem to look better for our own careers, do we succumb to temptation? Seeing that the damaged Filipino culture is an open secret, is being part and king of that system the only way to succeed? When the good people we see are limited to the "heroes" and those who are killed for fighting for what they believe in, can we still be courageous enough to do what's right, and what we love?

We may be afraid to pay the price of doing good, but if we do not do good now, whatever bad we do will eventually contribute to a system that will kill us in the end. I hope more people take the risk. 


rochelle said...

kuya mikee!!

hmmphh.. pude ko po b kayo gawan ng site?? please bgay po kayo sa eAdd ko ng mga info about you!! kc by this weekend.. gagwa na po ako with my friend.. kaya humihingi po ako ng permission?? okie lang po ba?


response po please!!

~LALA said...

It's interesting how you likened our government to a corporation.

I truly think it's our political system that's faulty. From the moment most politicians use up large amounts of money to run for elections along with the thinking that they could "gain everything back" once in position -- plus all other things that happen within that whole "business". If things could be as simple as sticking to one's principles and working hard, we'd probably be in a better situation. But then reality tells us that it's not that simple.

I hope a lot of people get to read your posts and start thinking as well. I know I don't have any answers to the questions you asked because even if I'm a little bit older than you, I still am asking the same things.

And on that note about "knowing the right people at the right time", it happens to all of us at some point. I call it "luck". But too much of that isn't "luck" anymore. It becomes something else.

Ok, let's continue on with our hard work ;) See you soon, Mikee!

Anonymous said...

nice entry :]].
i'd just like to ask.. when was you first break during high school?

Anonymous said...

nice entry :]].
i'd just like to ask.. when was you first break during high school?

mai. said...

are you aware that you have a really BIG, no, ginormous potential on journalism?

:) -smile, the world loves you. :D

cleoFATra said...

hi mikee. i, too, have been aware of that certain news and has alarmed me so much. I have been wondering that if such act is new to us, most especially nowadays that most politicians seem to get a hinch of their power through corruption. the money we pay the government, through the form of taxes, has not yet reached their ultimate goal for it. yes, i understand that they commit mistakes (because they're only human. but would you still consider it as a mistake if one of them has "robbed" a large sum of money, and they claimed it for some unclariffied reasons? i dont think so.

your blog entry really gave me somewhat a good realization that it's not only happening here in the country, but also abroad. the entry serves as a "support system" to what i believed. and at least, hindi ako nag-iisa. ehehe.

so, keep posting articles. it gives me an honor to read it.


p.s. visit my blog too (cleofatra.blogspot.com). dont forget to leave a comment. thanks.

Jhemai-Merrick said...

Tanging sa Pilipinas nga, kamo. Masyado maraming anomalya kahit saan man - sa pamahalaan, paaralan, at maging sa simbahan din.

At saka malapit na rin magtapos ang student life ko. Tee hee hee!

Good luck to us!

pearl louraine said...

Nice blog there. And i agree with. all these political crap are "Only in the Philippines" Hearing this kind of news makes me sick and annoyed at the same time. Our politicians are the best in corruption. Funny thing is the corrupt ones would be the first one to tell everyone how righteous they are. All but sh*t. (Sorry)I hope there would still be a lot more young Filipinos that can see trough all the bad deed our politicians have done. And do something about it. Something that would HELP our country. Enough with the rallies. Do something much more useful. Ciao.

Anonymous said...

so true..!

"don't steal! the government hates competition!"

haha. btw. i like you at lipgloss.! haha.

Bryan Karl said...

This is one heck of a good writing. Great writing skill!

Josh of Arabia said...

hi mike..i jst stumble upon ur site..ur a good writer, too huh' txs for inspiring your fellow youth w/ ur wits and wisdom - the country's hope..

my regards from the emirates,

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Bam the Great said...

It takes enough willpower to take a stand and live with it. But then again, you'll get to realize that there is more than staying rooted with your principles.

Taking a stand is not enough - especially if are a mere speck compared to the system you are opposing to. It will all boil down to destroying the problematic system. Or else, you'll end up being swallowed.

Anonymous said...

haha..yes only in the philippines.hanep..

Anonymous said...

I would love to read and read in your blog, I am inspired, coz like you I am also an activist in my own moods, and all. I hate politics, but then you love to discuss them.

Anonymous said...

can you name the senator pls?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Mikee! Active pa ba ang mikeestas? Just asking, if not, gagawa kami new fans club 4 u. I really like you everytime makita kita sa tv5! do you mind to email me or something para naman may contact kami sayo? Here's my email: blueshizu_11@yahoo.com kung ok lang naman sayo? Ok? Kung meron mas madaling paraan para macontact kita, kasi alam ko busy ka sa studies mo please let me know. Or if possible, txt nalang? If its just ok hah, thanks mikee!

Anonymous said...

hai mikee,
ngaun q lng 2 nhanap,
pro prang nbsa q n lhat ng post mo.haha
nosebleed pare,galing mo tlga!
i really look up to u.
at mraming ngttanong bkt,
at naiinis aqoh,.jeje
y ask dba? bkt, bwal ba?
buti nlng ndi mo tnanggap ung scholarshp mo s labas,
bka d n kta mpanood.jeje
just kiddin,.
xempre syang dn un!pro okei lng,
msya nmn aq.jeje
gudlak s studies moh.
at sna mkta baaaalaaaang araw,.
idol tlga kta!
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mikee

I missed seeing you sa channel 5's Kalog kaload... sayang tapos na yata ang promo... goodluck!

The Muslim Iranon Datu said...

Yeah datz ryt. . Nice article. . . Keep on writing br0. . . Gud luck. !

luther said...

hi mikee. i am planning to form an organization of young men like us who are God-fearing, disciplined, educated and noble students who will campaign for an honest elections come May 2010. i want to tap students from leading universities such as ust, dlsu, ateneo and up. btw, i am a up oblation scholar. can i count you in?

juval rey said...

you are very funny in Lipgloss
link mo naman me.idol na idol talaga kita as in... you had inspired me.. ur blogs is great

juval rey said...

sana post ka ulit

orientalchic said...

Hi Mikee! I'm Aisa, ADMU batch 2007. :) Keep the insights coming, they're good. And keep the idealistic fire burning. When you graduate, I pray that you would "use" your fame for the good, that you would take on something that would keep that idealism alive and concretize change.

gian said...

mikee i was wondering if you were really accepted at harvard.. i just want to ask? ive been dreaming of going to that school (at least for my law degree since im about to grad accountancy)...
i would like to ask some tips on how to be selected... hehe

about your writing it would be better if you'll have coherence..
... i got your point but it did not give me a concrete idea on what you are really trying to point out.... thats it..

missgiftsphilippines said...

you really are a critical thinker. :) and your so handsome. :)