Friday, September 25, 2009


Hi! I have been really busy for the past few months. This semester is my Accounting semester, and it has been taking time away from blogging. I've been a really inconsistent blogger, mostly because I only insist to write about things I feel strongly about. I know our country has a lot to offer in terms of controversial and disturbing stories, but sometimes trying to process these things can feel tiring, especially when you get them all the time.

Pero! Here's some good news! I'm gonna take this chance to thank Candy Magazine for making me one of the judges for their Candy Blog Awards this year. This is my second time judging, and I have been losing sleep over trying to choose the best blog for each category. They are all so good! In all honesty, all the time and effort these bloggers put into their own blogs makes me want to write regularly again. But as it is, I'm still a semi-regular blogger, and I hope that the quality of my posts can make up for their meager number.

One great thing I realized about blogging is that it cannot only be a simple diary. I was talking to my good friend yesterday, and she told me how keeping a blog with all your feelings and sentiments about the day that was, no matter how useless it was, can be looked upon by some as online trash that nobody really cares about. That is one extreme opinion, but it also has a point. Bloggers can sometimes be too self-centered, and the quality of their posts can be ruined. They might as well write their thoughts in their own private journals, to protect the public identity of their blog (if there ever existed such a protection).

Blogs are for everyone, and the most celebrated blogs are reader-centered. Just like commercial websites, magazines, and other forms of media, blogs are also sought for because they offer good entertainment, new knowledge, and brilliant ideas which readers find useful in their own lives. Looking through these finalists' blogs lets me see the varying degrees of this 'reader-centered-ness.' Some blogs try to convey their messages through pictures, while some do through their witty writing. Funny blogs seem to have many visitors too, and have earned their own following. If you're an Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles fan, you might want to take a look at's Nonoy Baclao. Don't mistake him for the Noynoy who's really running for president.) It's funny, especially if you're into the UAAP! has earned its own share of readers too. These blogs know what message they want to deliver. Magaling eh.

So I challenge you to blog in your own time too. Your other-centered brilliance is in demand. You can be a man for others through blogging too.


blueflame said...

mikee, i've been an avid follower of your blog. i hope to see more blog entries soon because i am being inspired. Reading your blog entries encouraged me to have my own blog. i salute your great intellect.

purpleTine said...

my guy friends talk about tunaynalalake a lot..they do it after a series of it for girls too? i'm reluctant to check it out, it might be too guy-ish..:)

Camille Anne Arcilla said...

Well, as an avid fan and a follower of your site, I believe that you have been really busy for a while. :)

Anonymous said...

Mikee, thank you for the informative post. Yes, I agree that there are other outlets for personal rants and ramblings apart from blogs. It is true that "self-centeredness" could "ruin the quality of their posts." If people would want to talk about personal to extremely personal stuff, they could do so in the privacy of their diaries, or in their accounts that could be read by friends or selected individuals only (not to mention the fact that countless issues about people's reputations being ruined are a hot topic nowadays).

Your blog belongs to the "reader-center" kind of blog, and I applaud you for it. Indeed, people who read your blog will be inspired to create one too (if they don't have an account yet).

Thank you for being such an inspiration to many, myself included.

See you around. ;)

Fayery said...

"Blogs are for everyone, and the most celebrated blogs are reader-centered."

Well said, Mr. Lee. 8)

skyblue0814 said...

May twitter ka ba Mikee?

Magsulat ka na ng bagong entry dito sa blog mo, nakakamiss ang mga panlaman utak mo! Hehehe

Ingat parati. :) GBU!

margx the wanderer said...

right! ang hirap kaya. tapos i try pa na everyday meron akong blog. minsan quote na lang kung wala nanyari sa araw ko. minsan ewan. haha. mahirap talaga magsulat. minsan lalo kung wala ka sa mood.

pero masarap na merong natatouch sa mga sinusulat mo. diba?

don't forget to add/change my URL sa list mo ah?
it's na (: im not blogging anymore sa multiply unless feelings na matindi na kailangang itago at sa friends lang pwede ilagay. haha.

Anonymous said...

very well said mr. lee

i'm hoping that your strong point in your blog would help to improve our country.. kepp your interest rolling.. its a very good start.. hehe

Anonymous said...

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Shanne said...

Hey there. :) your last post is on my Birthday pa tlga. It's something :) I'll be following you, i hope to read more from you. :)

Anonymous said...

more entries please.

saakingpanitik said...

more posts mikee! :)

Anonymous said...

Please blog again Mikee! I'm you're number one fan and your brilliance and is needed in a brainless society we live in now! :) - Eps