Friday, May 23, 2008

Answer no. 1

Well, I think it's about time I really share my insights on the previous post I really left hanging. Thank you for those who commented. Whatever you shared contributed immensely to this post.

So why do people, though supposedly innately good, find it easier to do bad things?

I think it's really a matter of patience and work ethic. Normally, the really bad choices, even if we do not recognize them as bad immediately, are the ones that can get us what we want quicker. If we're looking for huge amounts of money for whatever use (hopefully good), it's easier to get the money by stealing (minus the trouble, which is not normally foreseen), compared to actually saving up (Just don't take this whole situation literally.). When we want pleasure, some people find it easier to take drugs, instead of looking for a natural high which will make you look for a situation that induces that kind of natural high. If you're considering the pretty woman-politician example, I'm guessing that impatient human nature will make it easier for the eyes to listen to the pretty woman (who is not bad, but the politician has more right to be listened to regarding political issues). I'm not telling you not to listen to the beauty queen speaking about ecological issues; but if there's already an ecological expert speaking out, why do we find it easier to listen to the beauty queen, when the expert may have lots to say too? If it's easier on the eyes, why do we need our eyes to listen?

I'll stop there, with the three examples. That's just my take on it. Trying to answer this question will probably take a long time, but it helps to think about it from time to time.


pluma said...

dapat dito ko na lang pala pinost yung comment ko about the good in us hahaha... walang comment eh. agree ata silang lahat.

Mikee said...

hahaha wow pluma thanks a lot for all your comments.keep 'em coming, and kahit sa mga comments ng ibang tao im sure you can share your opinions too. sigurado, maraming kang nacocontribute.

Vichelle said...

ang masasabi ko lang.. pwedeng.. ung beauty queen ay maging "key" laman para maraming tao ang maging interesado sa isang bagay na hndi gaanong pinapansin. isipin nalang natin na isa itong form of advertising. dahil madaling makukuha ng isang beauty queen ang atensyon ng karamihan, makikinig sila sa kanya.. iba iba iba ang pwedeng outcome. merong ma-iinspire at magkaron ng bagong dream career., meron din naman magiging taga-hanga lang ng beauty queen na un, pwede namang may bumatikos sa beauty queen na yon at sabihing "wala kang karapatan". kanya-kanyang perception yan at kanya-kanya ding reaksyon.

anyway, hndi ko nasagot ung tanong. hehe. react lang about dun sa beauty queen. haha. hope it makes sense.

Mikee said...

well, it does make sense. haha i just hope that readers don't make a big deal of the beauty queen example. it's just an example, nothing more.