Thursday, May 29, 2008

Malungkot at Masakit na Kasiyahan

Before we proceed, let me invite you to visit this Wikipedia page, and to read at least the first sentence, since I am very surprised that such a thing exists:

Well, the article pretty much discusses a 'recreational drug' similar to cocaine, among other harmful drugs, that people can get addicted to. It's called Jenkem, and from the name itself, you just feel that it does not sound pleasant. It induces hallucinations and the feeling of being 'high,' just like any other drug, but it's made from whatever your system never wants to have back: fermented feces and urine. Kadiri pare.

You know what, I can't really understand (or accept) the psychology behind wanting to achieve artificial moments of euphoria, when it can practically be achieved naturally through different real-life situations, although not instantly. We can say people use them as escape routes from their own lives, but don't these drugs end up making lives worse eventually? Even more disturbing today is the fact that people may already be using their own excretions to achieve a high. If this Jenkem substance really exists and is being used, I just don't know what other bad thing I should expect from life. I think that the message is clear: those excretions were rejected by your body in the first place, so why force it in again? It's bound to cause you harm, as rumors and stories tell us that inhaling this substance gives the bad taste brought about by feces for about a week.

What do you think? Are some people already that sad, that they already look for happiness in the worst place to find it?


dyeisi said...

pare kong sikat,

pagdating sa ganyan, all i can say is, you should try something before commenting on it.

yay! :)

dyeisi, poging kaibigan ni mikee lee :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mikee!
This comment may be irrelevant to what you posted ha, but can you write something about love and different cultures and blood? Please? Kasi I'm currently in a situation eh. My family kasi doesn't approve of my suitor. He's filipino kasi, eh I happen to be pure chinese. They're very strict about marrying chinese and keeping the blood. They said na they will cut my inheritance and they wouldn't support my education if I had a filipino bf/husband. Ok I think I put too much info hehe. Well I hope that you could dig something from this. Thanks =)

-Kae S.

gErniE said...

That was totally gross! Using human waste to have an artificial dose of happiness, that is so insane. I read the whole article and I became very disturbed on why there are people who even thought about those kind of things. I can't imagine what will happen if the rugby boys on the streets will know about this.

Robi is nominated once again for the same dumb reason. Why don't they just say that he is a BIG BIG BIG threat that's why they nominated Robi. Excuses!

Can you link me?
Thanks so much..

Lee Heon Jin (이헌진) said...

A recreational drug fermented from HUMAN DROPPINGS? That's too despicable. At talagang kadiri nga!

Anyway, naaawa talaga ako sa mga taing naghahanap ng kasayahan sa paraang ikakasira naman ng katawan at ng kinabukasan nila.

And speaking again of Jenkem... the mere fact that it is a recreational drug fermented from HUMAN FAECES, hindi ba may ESCHERICHIA COLI and poopoo? Maraming complicaciones ang maaari ring idulot nun! And plus, lumalaganap na pala sa Africa ang gamot na yaon!

Bakit kaya hindi na lang nila idaan sa sports yung kalungkutan nila? May euphoric effect nga, but what about the actual side effects in the human corporal system?

I svenska språket, skulle jag vilja önska sann lycka till människor som letar efter riktiga och obestridliga fred och glädje... så det måste göras... :)

Clarice said...

Oh well. I hope this is not a product of desperate minds trying to come up with something sensible for their investigatory science project. What can I say? It's science anyway.

Regarding the drug addiction, I don't know if the teleserye prototypes of people leading to drugs because of their lost of everything (ex: broken family, flunked schooling, love problems and everything in between) is true. However, all I know is that some are trying 'it' for the sake of curiosity and peer pressure.

In my case, supreme happiness doesn't come from some drug that I shouldn't be taking in the first place, more so, a drug from something that I shouldn't be bringing to my system again and worse, something that doesn't belong to my system. :)

Good post ah. Keep it up.

-aoi sora- said...

I've just read the wiki article about it. From my point of view, it was a hoax, although, from all the attention the media gave the new drug, I cannot say that people haven't tried it by now. They would probably want to see if it's true and test it for themselves.

Whether it's true or not, I'm not going to try it. >.<
Seeing my own waste from the toilet bowl already makes me dizzy, what good will it do to me if I ferment it and sniff the thing?

By the way, nice post~! Very informative.

leo said...

hey, i read this na before pa... mga 2 years ago ata... can't remember actually...

kung iisipin mo, lahat ng taong addicted sa isang bagay gagawa at gagawa ng paraan para makuha nila yung sensation na nakuha nila dati. siguro nga this jenkem thingamajig can get you that "high" sensation, pero ano naman makukuha mo dun?

fecal matter and urine contain toxins from our bodies na pwedeng magcause ng harm sa atin. ngayon, finerment pa ang jenkem kaya obviously, mas harmful yon.

it's the sad reality na people really do these things. kahit ba sabihin nilang this is their way to escape reality.

maraming paraan para makawala sa "reality" pero mas marami silang dahilan para gawin ito.
people are getting stubborn that they will try everything.

Kadiri Pare. itsura pa lang, gagawin mo pa ba yun?

Sha said...

I saw that in Kevjumba ( and I must agree that teens nowadays are doing all sorts of stupid things just because they want to feel that high, that euphoric state, without even thinking. Americans are downright stupid, no offense, but look at what American youth is coming to. No matter how poor we are, I'm proud to say atleast we don't come up with SHITTY literally things to toy around with. First world country nga, gaguhan naman sila.

jhosel said...

shit. that jenkem is really unimaginable.. i read the articles bout that drug and i cant help myself but be disgusted to the american students who were addicted to this. eeww.. its as if they are inhaling their own fart and excretions..

ur ryt.. i also dont understand why these people, especially high schoolers, need to do shitty things like this just to be 'high' when they can spend their time to worthwhile things..

haiz, man is really being unpredictable..


aniwies, i love your blog.. it stimulates my mind and makes me 'high' hahaha.. kamuzta naman ang rationalization..:)

keep up the good work.. lookin forward for more of your blogs..

Anonymous said...'s disgusting..:( i guess these people are very desperate so they use this kind of drug to make themselves feel "high" or happy. i hope they find other alternatives to find their happiness. by the way, robi is nominated again. sad. my room mates/highschool friends and i want him to be in the big four. hopefully, he'll make it. let's pray for him. -dana =)

Anonymous said...

mikee, pahabol lang...i pity those children who use jenkem. siguro, the zambian children are unaware of the possible side effects of jenkem. sana, ung time na ginagamit ng mga batang ito sa pag-inhale ng drug na ito ay inilalaan nalang nila sa pagbabasa ng libro, pag-aaral, o kaya naman ay sa paggawa ng mga makabuluhang bagay. may matututununan pa sila at madadagdagan pa ang kanilang kaalaman, diba? -dana =)

Mia said...

kadiri pero kung tutuusin mas ok na tong jenkem. kasi ang urine at stool nageexpire. eventually mawawala din yung amoy. mas delikado lang ang stool pag nagexpire dahil may nuclear substance na. kesa naman sa mga necrophiliac mas nakakadiri sila. hehe. oh well just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Nalaman ko ang tungkol sa Jenkem na yan sa isang sikat na Vlogger sa Youtube na si Kevjumba.

Di ko lubos maisip na nasisikmura ng mga kabataan ang ganyang klaseng bisyo.

Anonymous said...

daming videos kaya nyan sa youtube about this type of 'high' in the america.... yuck talaga ito.... by the way check mo youtube user ' kevjumba '. meron syang comment about this

iking said...


deanrussel said...

hello mikee. I love all your posts. :) Care for link-exchange? I have linked you already. :)

.my.altered.ego.: said...


I never thought such a thing exists. It's totally gross. Maybe they are too desperate to achieve a high.

Whatever their reasons are, I still find the idea sickening.

jay said...

hey! im a pharmacist but i dont know this! haha. thanks for the info!

jay said...

hey! this not actually a comment but a personal message.. you may not post this and may answer or not... kayo pa ba ni isabel? what happened dun sa case na nafile mo against her ex 2loy pa ba?

pano mo ba masasagot ako... can u post ur answer? ahhh personal kc noh, pero siguro post mo na lang ng yes or no!

Mikee said...

pareng dyeisi, masasabi mo ba 'yan kung kamatayan na ang usapan? kasi wala nang patay na makakapag-share 'di ba? hahaha

Mikee said...

sige kae, i'll think about what you just said. if i come up with something relevant, let's post it. keep posted.

Mikee said...

yeah sha i was watching kevjumba too when i found out 'bout jenkem. kev's funny. haha.

well, for sure some people have tried it before the time the American publicity about it spread out. May mention yata sa article na unang na-discover yun sa Africa, pero malamang, may mga gumawa na dati 'nun.

Mikee said...

yeah i'll post your links soon. iking, iisa lang naman post ko about robi eh.

Anonymous said...

Eww... I do not want to even IMAGINE who would be stupid enough to take in something our bodies have already rejected. That is just plain disgusting.

You really have to pity the people who are desperate enough to find happiness in the worst sources... That is just pathetic.

pluma said...

YUCK as in!!! its sad to hear na others are using human waste (or kung kanino mang waste) to make themselves happy or experience a weird kind of pleasure. hmmm, I couldn't agree more with you blog.

But, for others comment. I'd rather not know anything about JenKem than try it myself. eeewww.

Luk4Kerrigan said...

You ask if some people are that sad that they tend to look for happiness in the worst places... Sadly, some really are.. It's a melancholic world and unfortunately, some are not that strong to face it but i know it's not an excuse.. I can't understand it either.. Curiosity? Desperation? Who knows? tsk!

Mikee said...

jay, ang sagot diyan, no, and parang jenkem ang past bad experiences, huwag na nating ibalik.

Vichelle said...

Kadiri nga! I can't even imagine that there are people who dares to take it! Grabe!

Anonymous said...

wow, this is sick, man.

jenkem is highly gross. i have a point on that. and people doing those are hopeless.

-mheech. i still can see sadness. ;)

hey.. keep up the good work. ;) the girls in chitchat was practically crying. ahahaah. ;)

ciao. i won't expect you dropping by on my blog, you're way too busy. bye. ;)

:)grrrh. grammar..

lollipops in pink sky said...

I kind of agree with dyeisi. Yes, you can try the "legal" and "healthier" routes but as you said it's not "instantly".

Sa hitsura ng buhay nila, c'mon , di mo pa ba gugustuhing makaalis kagad dun?

Nica ♣ said...

wow thats deep mikee haha

Mikee said...

ise? tama ba? ise ba? well, just put in the blog url there, or if you already put it before, please point it out, baka i forgot lang. thanks! i'll visit in my free time. thanks so much!

celbert policarpio said...

hey kuya mikee!i really agree about all what you have said. Keep inspiring us through your blog:).Good job.

jay said...

ok. no more question about her. but we should learn a lesson from our bad experiences.

Anonymous said...

hello, kuya mikee. this isn't my first time to drop by your blog. and since this post of yours has something to do with an article on Wikipedia, I'd like to share an article about us, Filipinos.

I'm clueless if you've read this one but I hope you'll find time to drop by the link. :)

Anonymous said...
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bsamit student said...

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