Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Support Robi! Big Brother is NOT Primarily a Charity Show

Before I start ranting about what I feel is the wrong way to see Pinoy Big Brother, let me first appeal to you to vote for my friend and schoolmate Robi Domingo to save him from eviction this week by texting BB ROBI to 2331 for Globe networks and to 231 for Smart networks, or by voting online through http://teensplus.pinoybigbrother.com/Vote/tabid/139/Default.aspx. Robi has been nothing but an exceptional housemate during his stay, and in my opinion, the good rankings in this competition of values and attitudes give us a good picture of what characteristics Filipinos see as important.

Pinoy Big Brother was supposedly tagged as the "teleserye ng totoong buhay." For the past 3 years, it showed different batches of people living inside a house, trying to show whatever good or bad they have, with the hopes of winning a prize that amounts to at least a million pesos, among other reasons (like inspiring others and trying to jump-start a show business career). However, whoever wins or loses in the contest is ultimately left to the discretion of the viewers, who vote for the housemate they want to stay, and in most cases, eventually win. However, whoever is presented to the public as 'nominees' for eviction depends on the housemates themselves, and the way the housemates tackle this obstacle really bothers me.

I have seen countless instances when housemates (and even guardians) were nominated for eviction for the simple reason that they did not need the money involved with winning the contest. Being a housemate myself, I admit that it really is hard to say that you want a friend to leave the house because of whatever reason, but I believe that each housemate (or guardian) also has the mental capacity to discern that being well-off is not enough ground for trying to dismiss a person from a contest that measures character, more than anything. Nominating someone because of financial capability, in my opinion, cannot be used as an escape route to avoid saying negative things about others. It has often been said that Filipinos are maawain, and that they want those least blessed to be victorious, but this certain Filipino trait of seemingly wanting the less-privileged to win should not be the reason for the more-privileged to suffer. We cannot let crab-mentality take over!

Big Brother is not primarily a charity show. While it tries to help the needy in some way, it is first and foremost a contest of character. I would never like to think that the sole reason that Nene, Keanna, Kim, Bea, and Reuben won was because they needed so much money. I would like to think that while yes, it was a factor, they were persons that really reflected what the Filipino stood up for. They were Filipinos with good character. It is alright to want the less-privileged to win, but please, do not bring people down for the same reason.

PBB is primarily a contest of character, and the best way to choose who to nominate (after assessing my own stay inside the house), is by assessing what each housemate has done for the past week. Nominations happen weekly for a reason, and I think each nomination weekend is a time to think about how each housemate has interacted with the others, or how each has done his part as a member of a team. If financial status is considered a good reason to nominate someone, then we can assume that PBB is a charity show. Housemates should know better.

Robi's nominations for the whole season are dumb, if he's nominated for the reason that he does not demonstrate immense financial need. If he's nominated by others as part of a strategy to win (that we'll probably never find out), since Robi has a good chance of ranking high, then things can be more acceptable. In that case, Teen Edition Plus would be full of devious housemates, which is pretty unlikely, considering our age.


jay said...

whats happening to you before is happening to robi now. admittedly the "paawa" effect is indeed a good strategy to win the game. but remember idol, you emerged as first runner up despite those claims against you. i think voters now are matured enough. they know clearly that pbb is not a charity show. hopefully robi will win in this battle.

JAM said...

hello mikee. i totally agree with your latest blog entry. wala na ibang reason ang housemates para iboto si Robi kundi dahil may kaya na sila. anyway, i'm one of Robi's avid supporters. [i'm one of your supporters too during your season. ;) sayang di ikaw yung big winner. but still, happy ka naman ngayon. haha.] could you link my blog? thanks. :) i already added you on my blogroll :D thanks Mikee! BB ROBI! :)

lrmlpat said...

MIKEE we will support Robi all the way.

ROBI is an exceptional housemate. sana standing in our society does not matter kasi kung ganun charity show nga PBB, pantay pantay lang dapat sa loob ng bahay ni kuya.

The show must perceive kabataan pinoy's
character and values.

Anonymous said...

We will support Robi all the way.

He is an exceptional housemate.
I wish hindi standing sa society ang basis but the character at values ng kabataang pinoy na gusto nating perceive globally.

Congrats Mikee;)hope to see you sa Campus College boy na ;)


Anonymous said...

ROBI's one big fight!

We support him. He is an exceptional housemate,
I wish hindi standing sa society ang basis but the character at values ng kabataang pinoy na gusto nating perceive globally.

Congrats! Ateneo ka pala uli hope to see you around.


ning said...

BB ROBI to 231 or 2331. He doesn't deserve to be nominated for that unreasonable reason!!!


Anonymous said...

Hindi naman porket mahirap ka eh ikaw na ang pinakadeserving sa prize.

Agree ako sayo na nagpakita si Robi ng magandang pag-uugali sa loob ng PBB House, kaya deserving siyang manatili hanggang sa huli.

Crab Mentality is killing us all. Ipinamumukha na satin to ng PBB, sana baguhin na natin to.

Mikee said...

okay lang sana kung iba yung dahilan eh, pero overused na ang di gaanong magandang reason. yup haha syempre jam happy naman talaga ako. thanks!

Mikee said...

wait what blog do you want me to link?

Clara said...

Hear hear to that post.

I'll definitely support Robi... He really deserves it. For some reason, I see you in him whenever I watch PBB. Let's just say I'm one of Robi's infintely many fan girls. [Haha, I'm also one of your fans too. ;)]

The grounds for nominating Robi were not just unreasonable; they were STUPID. I say we support Robi all they way by voting and voting. Never mind the pain from allthat texting, but I'm sure it will be worth it. LOL.

JAM said...

oops sorry. here's the link: http://crankydoodle.blogspot.com
all out support kami for Robi. hope your fellow batchmates and schoolmates are voting for him too. ;)

leo said...

what you said was true. hindi dapat tinitignan ang financial status ng tao sa PBB. ginawa ang PBB for the people to see who will be a good example of a real filipino. hindi yun sa "kaya" sa buhay, it's the character and the attitude that should be looked at. isa pa, the other reason they say is also an invalid reason. katulad ng, "kasi hindi kami close." wth, kakaiba sila.>.<

ayun, keep posting mikee! minsan kelangan mo rin ilabas ang mga nasa isip mo.:)

gemi said...

hey mikee. :) i totally agree with your post about robi. i really can't understand why financial status always affect their nomination moods. and mikee, we, the ROBIlievers thank you for your post. :) link my blog. :) http://lumilipad.web44.net/blog thanks.

legolasidkarlo said...

Very well said.

zanee said...

hi mikee! im one of your fans during pbbteened1,up to now syempre. keep it up.
BB ROBI send to 231!

...the other half of me... said...

kudos!!! I'm with you!!! save the half bald prince!!! save robi!!!

tin said...

hi mikee!
i totally agree with you..all the reasons for nominating him were so lame..duh!
anyway, i'll support him all the way.. ONE BIG FIGHT! for Robi..

nikki said...

i totally agree with all the things you've written. and i personally think that rona and robi are the smartest people inside the house. they don't deserve being nominated. if only the housemates were smart enough to understand that the show is looking for a GOOD example of a filipino teenager.

hah. i've been watching too much PBB. :))

dana canicosa said...

yes...napakamababaw ung reason na "dahil may kaya sila". i also think na mababaw ung reason na, kaya inonominate ung isang housemate kasi "hindi nila talaga kilala" or "hindi ka-close" ung fellow housemate na un. i think, dapat nga, hindi nga nila dapat inominate un kasi paano nila makikilala ng lubusan ung fellow housemate na un kung "papaalisin" na nila sa bahay ni kuya? *sigh* hehe. =)

Anonymous said...

I agree that financial status should not be a basis when nominating. However, I believe that they nominated Robi because of that reason. Yes, that's what they said, but surely they are starting to see that Robi is a strong contender and he has a big opportunity to win. The same goes for Rona. This is a tactic they have learned after watching all the previous seasons - try to eliminate the strongest contender to win the cash prize. In the end, all this points to the same thing: financial need.

Anonymous said...

hi.. i think your right.. pbb is not a charity contest thus it is a reality show.. robi should not be nominated just because he is rich.. such a nonsense reason.. well.. we should just vote for him.. tc mikee..

Mikee said...

well there, it looks like 'di lang pala ako ang nag-iisip na financial status ang dapat batayan. pero bakit 6th season na ng Big Brother, 'yun pa rin ang karaniwang ginagawa?

Anonymous said...

mikee, thanks for the link! -dana =)

edison said...

true enough. that is always been the basis for the housemate to stay at the house and vie for the grand prize. wala na tayong magawa dahil ganun talaga. just like the previous seasons, this always works (but not much) sometimes it stirred up some controversies (uma/cass scandal to name one, i forgot the others)
this batch of nominees should'nt have gone together, its hard to choose who is to be evicted. shocked pa nga ako dun. for some reason both were strong contenders for the win. both show examplary good character. oh well may the best housemate win. its every man or woman for him/herself. i really dont want any of them to go.

and to answer your question mikee, humans tend to be compassionate and go for the one less fortunate, then theres the power of editing (for public viewing if you know what i mean) so what others see is what they believe.

one thing tho everything seems to be connected. one way or another theres this link that connects the nominee from the previous evictee. (i did observed it from your batch and it supported the claim)or maybe im just superstitious hahaha...

strategy is not in play here, no housemate can expect that he/she would get the vote or be up to the nominating block.

the way i see it, robi will survive this fight (hopefully) and will be one of the big four and eventually the big winner! ( here goes my fearless predictions again... hahaha)

really nice blog mikee, wish i could have the time and thoughts like yours to write one. this one took me an hour to compose after countless editing, and i still think this one still needs more editing. hahaha...

by the way good luck on your college years and success on the "story conference" you had earlier this month( as you posted on your ktext)

iking said...

i prefer rona to be saved than robi. .
in the first place why robi??
i dont think he can be an artist someday he has no talent at all. which i think pbb is like a search for the next teen superstar.
the charisma plus talent is the ticket in winning pbb.
on the other hand, rona can sing and act though she is not so pretty but she has a better chance than robi given a chance that robi isnt a atenista that i think bunch of rich kids like you will support him like what your doing right now. MIKEE LEE THE GEEK ATENISTA IS ENOUGH IN THE PBB LOOK WHERE YOU ARE NOW?
we've already seen you why would we do the same thing again???

Mikee said...

iking kung naghahanap ka ng talent, i think Pinoy Idol has just started airing. Or hintayin mo ang PDA 2. haha i'm sure you'll find contestants there who can please you.

Mikee said...

no problem dana. update me regarding that blog na rin.

Anonymous said...

why does everyone think that every reality shows is goin to be an artista search or such??? a lame excuse.... winning doesnt even guarantee on becoming an actor. winning doesnt even involve if a person can dance or act or has a certain charisma. think nene tamayo of season one. yes she can dance, but is she an actress? where is she now? not dissing nene ha (she was my favorite on season 1), its a matter of choice, with a little bit of luck. some take the chance of becoming an actor others chose to return to his or her life before the hype. kanya kanya lang yan...

one more thing, if one's talent or charisma is to be based, then they shouldnt be the first one to be evicted/removed/whatever you may call it BUT why is it that some of them have their careers on acting??? isnt that redundant??? think about it...

you can have your 15 minutes of fame, which it will just die down after that....


Anonymous said...

hahaha...okay...hahaha...i'm updating it naman once in a while so there...hahaha...feel free to comment or suggest...hahaha... -dana =)

iking said...

what do you think is their purpose on creating such relity shows?

i think they are finding some potential superstar which is a so called investment for a television company.

as you have said winning doesnt guarantee fame, but for the "TEEN EDITION" alone, i think they are looking for a star for the majority of the audience are teens whom i think idolize them somehow.



Mikee said...

thanks for being a constant follower.

Anonymous said...

according to my researching, there's a 40% chance of robi being a big winner, while nan has 10%, nicole has 25% and ejay also has 25%...

tessalonica said...

hi kuya mikee..

haha..! ROBI is nominated again.. how sad.. but anyway.. we should vote him pra mkastay pa xia sa hauz ni kuya..

hihi.. link kta kuya mikee.. i like the way you write articles.. interesting.. kip it up..

hirs my blog.. new blog plang..


Mikee said...

wait, yung nagresearch, saan based yung nalaman mo? ayos ah. check mo lang kung gumana yung ganoong analysis sa previous seasons.

Anonymous said...

your so right! so sana panay mayaman nalang pinasok nila diba??

.my.altered.ego.: :.mae.in.short. said...

I totally agree kuya.

Robi doesn't deserve to be nominated due to his financial status.

That reason is too lame.

I linked your blog kuya. I hope you don't mind. :] I love reading your entries. Though I don't post comments that much. :]

Take care always!. God bless!. Drop by my blog sometime. :]

Carren said...

Sad to say Robi has been nominated AGAIN. Haaay... And their reasons for nominating him are still the same. Honestly, you'd think they could come up with more justifiable and original reasons for nominating him. (rolls eyes)

Anyway, keep it up! I'm enjoying the way you write. ;)

Nino said...

Hi Mikee! This is Nino a.k.a. cybermyx of PinoyExchange. Nominado for eviction ulit si Robi this week. I'm glad na magstay pa siya sa bahay ni Kuya. Sana tuloy-tuloy ito.

By the way, ask sana ako ng permission kung ok lang a iyo na gawing title sa next thread ng PBBTE which is Big Brother is NOT Primarily a Charity Show.

Thanks and more power! :)

GMarkZ said...

hmmm....i actually agree with you! pbb is looking for a GOOD ROLE MODEL of our youth today! and its not a Charity Show!! once you entered the house, SILA AY PANTAY-PANTAY NA! wlang mahirap at mayaman!

Another Reason why the other Housemates nominated robi because they think that robi are more MATURED than the other housemates!

like rona also...shes one of the girls who are more matured also...

i dont know what it is in the mind of Big bro....cguro may favoritism..hehe!

pero sa tingin ko dude,...kahit lumabas na c rona, mas deserving cya kaysa kay robi! dahil mas maraming napakita c rona....

go roro!

curbside_puppet said...

i really agree! PBB's not a charitable institution.

Nadine Camille said...

Wala akong masabi! Agree...agree. Para ngang sila 'yong batch na walang ibag reason kung hindi dahil sa "well off" ang i-no-nominate nila. Sa totoo lang I don't care kung mayaman si Robi or what.
Muntikan na nga siya mag-voluntary exit. Buti na lang binigyan ni Big Bro ng 2nd chance para mag-isip. and Buti na lang nagbago ang isip niya.

Basta para sa akin siya ang pinaka-deserving manalo para sa batch nila. Pag natanggal pa siya, ewan ko na lang. Baka hindi na ako manuod ng PBB. And alam ko na hindi lang ako ang hindi manunuod ng PBB pag nawala si Robi.

Btw, nakakatuwa basahin blog mo and ni-link ka pala kita. :)

the pseudoneuro - renzy said...

not all atenistas are rich and i am quite disappointed about the result of the nomination night. robi didn't deserve to be nominated in the first place. and heck! the show's primary aim is to let the people see one's personal character. And I REALLY THINK that being financially stable doesn't mean that you can reach your dreams and achievements easily.

why oh why malunggay. :)

btw, glad that you've updated your blog :)

pluma said...

hehehe... too bad people reading your blogs think like you do, kasi you don't look kawawa naman, we are reading your blog kasi we've seen a good character in you. what I'm trying to say is, yung mga taong bumabasa ng blog mo basically ang mga taong buboto dahil deserving siya manalo, hindi dahil mahirap siya kasi kung ganun kami mag-isip most likely nasa blog kami ng mga kawawa. hmmm any other ways to let other people know na they should vote for someone with good character rather than those who need the money? through chismis na lang hehehe

AteEmz said...


first of all.. i supported you (hehe through prayers) nung nasa pbb house ka.. actually, sa batch nyo.. gusto ko kayong dlawa ni kim.. not because "loveteam" kayo sa bahay ni kuya... gusto ko lang ugali nyong dalawa hehe..

i totally agree with you.. to be honest, ang pinaka-mababaw na reasons ay yung reasons ni Ejay. They don't get it, do they? Kaya hindi nila maintindihan si Robi is cause the guy's way more mature than them. Naala ko, Ejay nominated Rona because "iba si Rona sa ibang babae sa bahay. Conservative siya." Yan ang naging reason ni Ejay. Babaw diba? I was actually expecting Rona to be part of the Big4. Silang dalawa ni Robi ang gusto ko.

Nan has been brainwashed by Ejay. Them two are bestbuddies sa bahay ni Kuya. Pareho silang makitid ang utak. ayokong isipin ng mga tao na nilalait ko sila. Coincidence lng siguro na pareho ang katayuan nila sa buhay pero at the same time, nagkaton din na pareho silang makitid ang utak.

i just finished watching the nomination night. nominated na naman si Robi.. Oh gosh, sana hindi siya ma-discouraged this time. Sana he won't think of leaving the house before the big night. Kung alam lang niya andami nyang supporters sa labas. Them other housemates should be scared kung kasbay nilang nominated si Robi hehehe.. Siguradong talo sila.

AteEmz said...

PS. Magkano ba ang mag-text to vote? Sorry Mikee, I wasnt able to vote for you thru texting kasi wala ako sa Pnas eh. I don't wanna make the same mistake kay Robi.. everyone in australia wants to support robi! GO ROBI!!

Isa pang gusto ko sa inyong dalawa ni Robi.. Kahit sa isang magandang school kayo nag-aaral, walang bahid na kayabangan sa kabuuan nyong dalawa. Epitome kayo ng ideal filo youth. Sana sa future, maging presidente kayo ng Pilipinas heheh :) *hugz* daw from my mom :)

Anonymous said...

Hi mikee, i agree PBB is not a charity show! Katulad mo may word ka na "Respeto". Respeto din sana sa mga kabataan sa loob ng bahay ni kuya lalo na ung may relationship outside world. Hai naku, Ganito ba ang Kabataang Pinoy? In my opinion, Robi deserves to win. Kagaya ng mga sinabi ng nakalabas na housemate, Robi will be the big winner! Kya avid supporters ni Robi ipakita natin na tau magvovote sa knya ndi ung kumakalat na sinasabing bumili daw ng family nya ng 10k na vote cards (kaasar talga ung nag-iicp ng ganun). We believe the Kabataang Pinoy!

Anonymous said...

apparently, Robi (somehow) thinks that it IS a charity show, based on his reason for nominating EJ (because EJ's dad won a big amount already)... so although he is at the receiving end of this "charity show" perspective, it's obvious that he thinks the same way.

Lamborghini said...

It's admirable that Robi always goes straight to where the crucifix is and reflects after each and every nomination. He always sits there and talks to God. It's just a pity that it's been portrayed as (Toni's narration), "Pagkatapos ng nomination ay napag-isa muna si Robi." It's not actually isolation--it's asking help from God and St. Ignatius de Loyola.

I hope he wins.

inghinyero said...

Hey there. Link kita Mikee ha :-)
Super fan mo ako nung PBB Days :-)
Si Brenda at ikaw bet ko. Haha.

Maka-ROBI din ako :-) Katips fever ito! :) Hehe.

Ayun lang naman. Sana bisita ka sa blog ko.

True. Hindi charity show ang PBB. Dapat yung deserving ang manalo.

inghinyero said...

Links ex din sana tayo? :-)

ryzandara said...

vote for ROBI to be the BIG WINNER!siya lang ang deserving!

hi mikee!lab kita!ahehehe


Anonymous said...

its so ironic that robi said that ejay deserved the win because he(ejay) showed how he matured or worked very hard in getting to that spot (top 5) (i think hes reasoning out that ejay deserves the prize because ejay needs it)

whereas ejay still stick on to his decision, also saying that he still doesnt know robi much and said that robi doesnt deserve the win or be one of the big 4

(sorry if its not exactly what they said)

basta i think ejay is likely going to be in the big 4... robi??? hoping he will make it...


j.h.o.s.e.l. said...

yup. i totally agree with ur post..
the housemates esp ejay keeps on saying that robi will make it in the "outside world" even he'll not be in the big four coz he's already well-off.. di nia lng alam kung gano nia d gusto si robi, e robi liked ejay to be the big winner if hindi xia..

haiz.. their reasons are too lame.. and basing from last night's episode si robi lng ang may maayus n answers dun s grand council.. and he really looks straight in their eyes while answering them.. in short hindi xia plastic and playing safe.. talagang good person lng xia..

niwies, i super love your blog.. i was too inspired kea binuhay q uli ung blog account q.. hahaha..
pd po maki link ex n din.. wahehehe.. eto po.. http://jhosel.blogspot.com.. uhm.. im still workin to update it pra mgkasense naman hehe.. tnx much!!

and good luck sa college life mo.. i think youll be the next leloy claudio ng ateneo.. go mikee!

tnx uli..:)

-jhosel mendrique

Anonymous said...

hey mikee. a friend of mine suggested this post about pbb for me to read. i like the 'charity show' term. i really suits to the way on how the viewers choose the deserving pbb winner. from the beginning Robi showed nothing but a good and admirable personalty. go Robi!
>i believe that you should've won the pbb then.

Mikee said...

well we can't really always judge naman based on their eyes kung nagpapakatotoo or hindi, pero i believe that knowing where Robi came from, he had good answers, although not necessarily ones that i would answer myself. okay lang naman. 'di lang ako agree sa iba, pero that's his thing, and based on how he answered things, i totally respect robi more than anyone there.

Mikee said...

hey thanks for that comment, and for thinking i should have won 2 years ago. i appreciate that you feel that way. it helps me do better in my work.

Anonymous said...

dude, this is true, i can feel those nominations for Robi are not practical.

to be saying that he's not worth a spot for the big night since he doesn't need it. that's pure bull. what about nikki? does she need it too. Robi, comparing to the 'others' has made a lot in his stay. we've seen him mature, act, think, fight, pursue and be just HIM . Isn't it what they say na change? guhhh.

i hate the 'others' for thinking he doesn't need it because of financial status. Big Brother is not just that, its more on personality.


they should be thinking before they nominate, they're nominating him for themselves.

Robi is a good guy. he has to own a spot. if not, its bull.


xXx said...

i totally agree mikee.. people should look at the character of the person..not the status.. the housemates are supposed to emerge as improved citizens not just richer ones..so 'yong pera na makukuha sa contest ay hindi talaga ang prize ng competition.. the experiences are more important than the money.. tsk!

btw, is robi enrolled in ateneo for college? someone told me that robi's going to UP for college..

liezl_dentprincess said...

Why I prefer ROBI as the TEEN BIG WINNER:

not only because he came from Ateneo, but he deserves it. Even though he wasn't able to get the title, still he is already a winner. In the long run, as the year passes by, we would see the fruits of the things we've done.

kahit iniisip ng tao na mahirap tanggapin na pwede at may mga tao pang tulad ni robi. Well, i just felt sad that it happened again twice. Pero Mikee, if it would be between you and robi, syempre ikaw na bata ka ang iboboto. But in the case of season 2 si ROBI!

I just want to share my point, ano ba ang ibig sabihin natin ng pagpapakatotoo? Para sa akin ang pagpapakatotoo? We've been made in the image and likeness of God. Kaya hindi malayo na pwede tayong gumawa ng mga bagay na tama, kahit iniisip ng iba na playing safe ka lang o plastik ka.
In every struggle lies a wrong mindset. Mahihirapan tayong magbago kung ganoon at ganoon na lang lagi ang ating kaisipan sa buhay. Dahil una sa lahat dapat naman talagang hasain ka pa rin kahit sa tingin ng iba na magaling ka na at wala ng dapat patunayan. We can't be complacent ending up in the mediocrity line.

I hope we could go out in our poor mind set. Maybe there would be a better venue for the Filipino Youth to excel not only in mind, but also with our heart and soul.

I don't have anything against the other housemate.
(Ok na rin yun, para maging magaling na doktor din ROBI in the future, di ba.)

com'on FILIPINO YOUTH, may pag-asa pa!

[You both are very influencial now, continue to be a conduit in bringing the full potential of the young Filipinos.]

God bless!

joyce buenavista said...

hello. masyadong late na comment ko. ngayon ko lang kasi nabasa.

si robi parang ikaw. laging nominated si robi kasi "may kaya" daw sya. pero hindi nman tamang rason yon. at galit tlaga ako pag ang reason kung bakit sya nanominate ay dahil mayaman sya.

parang ikaw dati. nagagalit ako pag nanominate ka dahil mayaman ka daw at di mo na kelangan ng prizes. masyadong mababaw sila mag-isip.

jeremae [EMAE] de guzman said...

hello mikee.its my first time here.nakakatuwa that your blog is not just a diary.[well, unlike mine].

i really like robi.at kung tungkol sa PBB as a Charity show, di na maaalis sa mga pilipino yun. if we'll try to recall wala pang nananalo sa PBB na hindi nabibilang sa medyo kapos na pamumuhay.i am not degrading them. I am just saying na ganun talaga ang pilipino.

if its okay to you, can you please link my blog?its jeremae de guzman- www.jeremae.blogspot.com